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Brand New Destinations for 2019

We’re excited to be travelling to some brand new destinations in 2019. If you’re looking for inspiration for your next adventure holiday or relaxing getaway, look no further!


Often referred to as the 'land of silence', Sardinia is a place of outstanding natural beauty, with its emerald seas, limestone ridges, deep gorges and white sandy beaches. Whether you prefer relaxing on some of the most dazzling beaches in Europe, rambling through the verdant and silent interior, or exploring the remnants of the island’s ancient culture and old traditions, Sardinia is one of Europe’s great island adventures.

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As soon as you set foot among the rolling hills and resplendent green valleys of Ireland, it’s clear why they call it the Emerald Isle. See the island’s rugged coastline, including the Ring of Kerry, Cliffs of Moher and the Giant's Causeway, and visit its vivid and historic cities, such as Galway, Cork, Dublin and Belfast. But it’s not just the breathtaking diversity of terrain – the island’s beauty also comes from its people, who are some of the most cheerful you'll ever meet, and prone to cultural expression. Whether it’s James Joyce, Oscar Wilde, Sinead O’Connor or Boyzone, Ireland has a rich literary and musical tradition. And then there’s the drinking scene – no visit here would be complete without a pint of Guinness in a proper Irish pub. Sláinte!

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A lot of things come to mind when you hear ‘Jamaica’: white sandy beaches and swaying palm trees; a rich artistic heritage, including the music of legendary reggae artist Bob Marley; the unique native Jerk cuisine; and the laidback Rastafarian culture. And while Jamaica is all of these things, it’s also so much more. Beyond the coast, the adventurous will find sheer mountains, verdant forests, and tumbling waterfalls. Apart from Jerk spice rubs, foodies will find tropical fruits, grilled lobster, conch soup, Blue Mountain coffee and a range of rums. And although its people are carefree, they’re also sharp and straight-talking, and renowned for their determination and sporting success.

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Svalbard & Spitsbergen

Experience the chilling beauty of windswept polar deserts, vast cliff-lined shores and shimmering fjords on an Arctic trip around Spitsbergen, the largest island in the icy Svalbard Archipelago. From flower-filled tundra to secluded, frosty beaches, there is no shortage of terrain to explore on this icy land. If you’re after a polar bear sighting or two, there are plenty of chances to spot these majestic giants hunting along the ice sheets, not to mention walruses, reindeer, Arctic foxes and vast colonies of rare seabirds. Hike, kayak or strap on some snowshoes – however you choose to explore it, Spitsbergen is brimming with possibilities for a breathtaking adventure.

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Almost 1,500km off the coast of Portugal lie the Azores archipelago; these nine volcanic islands consist of flowery meadows, fantastic caverns, towering waterfalls and bubbling hot-springs. From horseback riding to paragliding, scuba diving to whale watching, mountain biking to bird watching, and canoeing to canyoning, nature-lovers and adrenaline junkies alike will find a wealth of wonders here. Although air travel to the Azores is easier than ever, these remote islands are far enough away to feel like a true escape.

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Visit Switzerland, famous for its chocolate, cheese, and cuckoo clocks, but also for its awesome Alpine pursuits and vibrant cities. The rugged Swiss mountains beckon to the thrill-seekers – strap on skis or snowboard and take to the trails, or saddle up and follow rocky biking routes. In contrast to the ravishing rural beauty are the country’s urban centres: the capital city Bern, with its blend of medieval and modern architecture; the rich river nightlife of cosmopolitan Zürich; and the bustling alternative and artistic Geneva.

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Falkland Islands

Welcome to one of the last great wilderness destinations, where penguins outnumber people by the hundred-thousands. Standing on the gentle slopes of this peaceful birdwatcher’s haven, it’s hard to believe that just a few decades ago the Falkland Islands were the site of war. These days, the focus is on the archipelago’s incredible wildlife. Crags scattered with seabirds, beaches covered with penguins, sprawling nature reserves edging on outpost towns, whales and seals competing for space off-shore – the Falklands are a nature lover’s paradise.

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While part of the USA, Alaska feels like another world. A land of incredible mountain ranges, massive shining glaciers, remote tundras, spectacular waters  and expansive national parks, it’s host to a rich abundance of native wildlife, including moose, caribou, and grizzly bears; sea otters, puffins and humpback whales; Dall sheep, wolves and bald eagles. The sheer size of the state of Alaska is hard to fathom, but there are rewards aplenty for any adventurers seeking to answer the call of the wild.

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