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The budget bucket list: 15 trips of a lifetime - The Telegraph

The Telegraph featured our Galapagos at a Glance - Southern Islands - (Daphne) tour in their list "The budget bucket list: 15 trips of a lifetime".

"The experience: The Galapagos Islands dazzled Charles Darwin. They dazzle anyone who loves nature, the sea, volcanoes, wildlife, and all the other Edenic wonders on show here. The archipelago of 21 islands, 560 miles west of Ecuador, deliver curious creatures galore, from Santa Cruz’s sea turtles to Isabela’s giant tortoises and the flamingos of Floreana.

Booking in the UK: Most UK tour operators sell expensive cruises or tailor-made stays in posh lodges; but Imaginative Traveller ( has a six-day “At a Glance” group tour aboard the Daphne, taking in four Galapagos islands, from £1,555. Berths fill up quickly at that price."


GROUP TOUR from £1.0E+19 for 0 days


- Send a postcard to the jealous folk back home in Post Office Bay
- Spy pink flamingos wading the lagoons of Punta Cormorant
- Snorkel through the underwater wonderland of Devil’s Crown

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