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Carbon Offsetting

The Importance of Carbon Offsetting

Carbon dioxide is the most significant of the greenhouse gases that trap solar heat and warm the global climate. Although predictions are difficult to make it is clear that the planet is warming which will lead to sea level rises and huge changes in climate and vegetation patterns.  In addition increasing amounts of carbon dioxide are being dissolved in our oceans making them more acidic and thus depleting the biodiversity of our oceans. 

Flying is the most carbon intensive way to travel and we appreciate that most of our travellers fly to their destination. We are aware that some travel companies budget a donation into the cost of their trips to enable them to offset the carbon emissions of their customers but we would prefer to let you decide how much and to which organisation you would like to donate. 

How to Carbon Offset

We believe that the surest way to prevent global warming is to stop the destruction of forests in the first place through partnerships with local communities and if you would like to help compensate for some of the effects of your journey then you can do so by supporting charities such as:

Cool Earth – 

Rainforest Concern - 

Alternatively you may prefer to donate to a charity that is engaged with planting trees such as The Woodland Trust - in the UK which is leading the plans for the new Northern Forest in the UK.

However, as always, we welcome your feedback on this topic.

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