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Benin is probably most famous for its traditional vodun (voodoo) culture, which is widely practiced across the country - witness an energetic and magical vodun celebration in the coastal village of Grand Popo, where the whole village comes out to the sounds of drumming and singing.

The historic town of Ouidah, still bears the legacy of the tragic history of slave trading with its crumbling Fort of São João Baptista de Ajudá, while in the floating village of Ganvie, a whole society has emerged living on stilt huts in the middle of Lake Nokoué.

Discover the town of Abomey, the ancient capital of the once-mighty Dahomey civilisation, as well as the incredible double-storey mud huts of the Tata Somba people and the remote National Park of Pendjari in the far north of Benin.


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