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Senegal is one of West Africa's most fascinating destinations. Long white sandy beaches, a superb traditional music scene, a crumbling colonial heritage, a wide variety of landscapes from the dry Sahel of the north to the lush wetlands of the south, the abundant birdlife and friendly people make this a superb place for those who want to explore West African culture, or just kick back and get into the vibe of the real Africa with Imaginative Traveller.

The cosmopolitan capital city of Dakar is the westernmost point of Africa, and has a beautiful coastal location, a temperate climate and a vibrant atmosphere that reflects the country's modern and diverse outlook. You can spend time browsing around the museums, the colourful markets, or just relaxing on the stunning beaches. Whether you want to mingle with the trendsetters of urban Africa or be bask in the serene sounds of nature, Senegal is the place to be.


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