In the heart of East Africa lies the wonderful country of Uganda, which Winston Churchill famously called the 'Pearl of Africa'.

Uganda is brimming with National Parks. The Queen Elizabeth National Park is one the most visited, and contains an astonishing 600 species of birds and 100 different types of mammals, including the famous tree-climbing lions! In the north we visit the remote Murchison Falls National Park, home to an incredible array of wildlife including wild chimpanzees, and also the location of the most powerful waterfall in the world. Jinja is one of the highlights of any visit to Uganda. This is a place for the adventurer, the adrenaline junkie and for the eco-traveller! The area is beautiful and is located at the source of the Nile as it leaves Lake Victoria. It's a paradise of adventure activities from white-water rafting to quad bikes to bungee jumping!

Uganda Highlights
- Jinja
- Murchison Falls National Park
- Queen Elizabeth National Park
- Lake Bunyonyi
- Kampala
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