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Malaysia blends all of South East Asia's colourful traditions together with its unique combination of vibrant culture and modern technology.

Bustling capital Kuala Lumpur exemplifies the country's contrasts, with shiny skyscrapers towering above the thriving culture-filled streets of Chinatown. Penang offers beautiful colonial architecture and some of the best places to eat out in Malaysia, while the Peninsular boasts wonderful forests and highlands.

The lush island of Borneo is famous for its rainforests, mighty Mount Kinabalu, and of course, orangutan! Malaysia truly is a destination that offers something for everyone.


We have 9 trips in Malaysia   
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Trip Code: ITMFG
From: £1145
11 Days
Trip Code: ITMKB
From: £1545
10 Days
Trip Code: ITMRA
From: £808
13 Days
Trip Code: ITMSM
From: £1216
15 Days
Trip Code: ITMSW
From: £1260
10 Days
Trip Code: ITMXB
From: £1273
9 Days
Trip Code: ITMSXC
From: £2410
21 Days
Trip Code: ITMFK
From: £1330
10 Days
Trip Code: ETLM
From: £1949
15 Days

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