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The birthplace of Buddha, Nepal is a remarkable land of fabled legend and incredible beauty. Kathmandu is the hub of life in Nepal, and is a traveller's paradise, packed full of highlights such as the historic Durbar Square and the Swayambunath Monkey temple.

Outside of the buzzing capital, Nepal enjoys an incredible diversity of landscapes ripe for activities, from wildlife-spotting to trekking or white water rafting - from the Himalayan mountains of the Annapurna range and Kodari, to the delightful foothills of Pokhara, the rainforests of Chitwan National Park and of course, famous Mount Everest!


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Trip Code: IHHSD
From: £1195
15 Days
Trip Code: IHHSK
From: £900
15 Days
Trip Code: IHNFP
From: £1225
11 Days
Trip Code: IHNKA
From: £1575
11 Days
Trip Code: IHNSC
From: £727
10 Days
Trip Code: IHNXE
From: £1017
15 Days
Trip Code: IHNXS
From: £756
16 Days
Trip Code: IHHSEC
From: £1629
19 Days
Trip Code: ETNT
From: £1599
16 Days
Trip Code: ICBSN
From: £3265
15 Days
Trip Code: IHNXAC
From: £1995
31 Days
Trip Code: IHNXR
From: £824
16 Days
Trip Code: EANTA
From: £1549
12 Days
Trip Code: ETNXA
From: £2449
13 Days
Trip Code: ETNQA
From: £1429
22 Days

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