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Kyrgyzstan is a spectacularly scenic country to visit with Imaginative Traveller, in the heart of the Tian Shan mountains. Over 90% of the country is unspoiled mountainous countryside, making it the perfect place for trekking and horse riding.

The serene lakes of Song Köl and Issyk Köl are some of the loveliest and most peaceful spots in Asia, surrounded by lush pastures favoured by herders. The valleys of Jeti Oguz, Chong Kemin, Ala Archa and Altyn Arashan are equally stunning and perfect places to explore the phenomenal countryside.

Kyrgyzstan is a welcoming country where many people still live a nomadic or semi-nomadic way of life, what Kyrgyzstan lacks in settled history it makes up for in a wealth of traditions and is perfect for outdoor exploration and wild camping.


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