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A holiday to the Philippines is the ultimate tropical island adventure! The Philippines offers imaginative travellers idyllic beaches, stunning rice terrace landscapes and volcanic mountain scenery.

Step out onto the phenomenal Banaue rice terraces, tour the famous Hanging Coffins, meet the local Ifugao communities, ascend mighty Mount Pinatubo and chill out on the gorgeous white sand beaches of Boracay, with endless snorkelling and scuba diving options in the crystal clear waters. 

As well as the spectacular untouched landscapes, you'll be blown awy by the infectious warmth the locals and discover a wonderful mix of cultures and traditions.


We have 2 trips in Philippines   
Any Theme
Tailor Made
Departure Month
Any Price
£1000 - £2000
£3000 - £4000
Any Duration
1 - 2 Weeks


TAILOR MADE TOUR from £3715 for 12 days


- Discover the underground rivers of Puerto Princesa
- Get back to basics with a unique 3 Day Island Castaway Experience
- Unwind in paradise on El Nido


GROUP TOUR from £1295 for 8 days


- Contrast the chaos and bustle of city life in Manila with the relaxed way of life in Palawan. With an option to extend your trip on either end, you can focus on the stuff you want.
- Take an evening adventure to the Iwahig River where you’ll see swarms of fireflies dancing at dusk. The natural beauty of the Philippines continues to shine, whatever time of day.
- Enjoy a full day of island hopping and snorkelling off the coast of El Nido. Look to the bottom of these clear waters, and glide among the coral and tropical fish.
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