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Turkmenistan has some of the remotest scenery on Earth. Most of the country is covered by the inhospitable Karakum Desert. The indigenous people are the Turkmen who mainly live outside the urban centres, many of whom still live a nomadic or semi-nomadic way of life. The rural Turkmen are a hospitable people whose culture and way of life has altered little in hundreds of years.

In the unique capital of Ashgabat there are many beautiful marble palaces and gleaming golden domes. It is a strange modern city that has been extensively rebuilt in the years since independence, and its futuristic and outrageous public buildings are an extraordinary sight! Little is now left of the original Russian Imperial city that was destroyed by a massive earthquake in the 1940s. One unusual attraction is the famous Darvasa Gas Crater, lying deep in the deserts of Turkmenistan. Initially the result of an industrial accident by Soviet oil prospectors, it is a huge burning crater that has been on fire for decades, being kept alight by the natural gas in the ground. It's a bewildering and mesmerising sight, especially after dark!


We have 3 trips in Turkmenistan   
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TAILOR MADE TOUR from £2250 for 11 days


- Ride the deluxe high speed train “Afrosiab” between Tashkent and Samarkand
- Explore ancient UNESCO Heritage Sites of Merv, Nissa and Urgench
- Spend a night under the stars next to the extraordinary Darwaza Gas Crater


GROUP TOUR from £3899 for 23 days


- ‘Door to Hell’ giant burning gas pit in Turkmenistan
- Islamic architecture and  ruins along the great Silk Road
- Villages and lakes of the Fann and Tien Shan Mountains
- Post Soviet grand monuments
- History of traders, preachers and invaders
- 20th July 2019 departure: accompanied by photographer and National Geographic Explorer, George Kourounis


GROUP TOUR from £1540 for 10 days


- This incredible journey takes you through parts of Central Asia that few people can find on a map, let alone have considered travelling to.
- Steeped in Silk Road history and immortalised in many great tales, the UNESCO-protected town of Khiva is as photogenic as it is legendary.
- Explore the sprawling ruins of Mary, Merv and other ancient kingdoms and contemplate the remnants of empires that once ruled these vast lands.
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