The German capital of Berlin has some of the most diverse set of cultures in Europe, from its Baroque architecture to its modern art and nightclubs. As well as boasting many iconic sights such as the Brandenberg Gate and the Berlin Wall, Berlin also has a gritty and bohemian side, and a heady mix of music, art and bars.

Throughout the countryside of Germany, travellers find idyllic landscapes, stunning forests and mountains, charming castles, and atmospheric university towns.


We have 7 trips in Germany   
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Trip Code: IAMRB
From: £1470
15 Days
Trip Code: IZMRF
From: £2215
15 Days
Trip Code: IAMRRC
From: £2170
22 Days
Trip Code: IBMSCC
From: £4925
29 Days
Trip Code: IZMRBC
From: £2865
22 Days
Trip Code: IZMRSC
From: £5135
43 Days
Trip Code: IZMRXC
From: £3570
29 Days

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