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The landlocked country of Macedonia is one of the Balkans' best-kept secrets. Although it doesn't have the allure of the Adriatic coastline, its glittering lakes and lush rivers more than make up for this. Macedonia has some of the most beautiful vistas to be found anywhere, with spectacular mountains and lakes providing amazing trekking opportunities with Imaginative Traveller.

Macedonia is full of history, and is dotted with stunning old monasteries and traditional markets, as well as containing some Ottoman heritage in the capital of Skopje. To top it off, the hospitality and home-cooked food is some of the best you'll find in Europe!


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GROUP TOUR from £1910 for 12 days


- Discover why the Balkans are the next big thing in food – drink boza, rakija and wine, and taste pinjur, makalo, bieno cheese, ckembe corba and more in this adventurous foodie destination
- Learn how to make the regional specialty of pastries with local village women in Janche
- Meet a local beekeeper and get the buzz on honey in a bee master class
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