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Poland is a wonderful destination to discover on a trip through Central Europe. With a unique history and spirit, the country has been at the crossroads of European history for over thousand years and has a rich heritage to be explored.

The medieval city of Krakow is one of Europe's highlights, with one of the largest squares in the world, many sights to see, and a buzzing nightlife. The countryside is full of beautiful scenery, including small rural villages and rolling mountains.


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Trip Code: IAMRB
From: £1250
15 Days
Trip Code: IAMSB
From: £1575
15 Days
Trip Code: IAMRRC
From: £2170
22 Days
Trip Code: IAMSNC
From: £2970
29 Days
Trip Code: IBMSCC
From: £4925
29 Days
Trip Code: IZMRSC
From: £5135
43 Days
Trip Code: IZMRXC
From: £3544
29 Days
Trip Code: EAVU
From: £1729
14 Days
Trip Code: IAMKG
From: £1745
11 Days
Trip Code: IAMCW
From: £870
8 Days

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