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The tiny country of Slovenia is dominated by the towering mountains of the Julian Alps and Mount Triglav. Slovenia's countryside is a marvellous array of alpine scenery, stunning lakes and sweeping forests.

The capital of Ljubljana is one of the most laid-back cities in Europe, and is a fantastic gateway to the rest of this wonderful country. The famous lakes of Bled and Bohinj are small enclaves of paradise, with a charming slow-paced atmosphere and unbeatable scenery.

Slovenia is perfect for cycling, and the country is packed full of other excellent activities such as trekking, skiing, caving and canyoning!


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Trip Code: IAMRB
From: £1250
15 Days
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From: £1190
8 Days
Trip Code: IZMZE
From: £2035
12 Days
Trip Code: IAMRRC
From: £2170
22 Days
Trip Code: IZMRDC
From: £1845
17 Days
Trip Code: IZMRRC
From: £2635
26 Days
Trip Code: IZMRSC
From: £5135
43 Days
Trip Code: IZMRVC
From: £1795
19 Days
Trip Code: IZMRXC
From: £3544
29 Days
Trip Code: IZMSUC
From: £2095
15 Days
Trip Code: ETVL
From: £929
8 Days
Trip Code: IZMFS
From: £995
8 Days

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