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The spectacular and rarely-visited land of Greenland is one of the world's most remote and sparsely-populated areas, and one of the most haunting wildernesses that you're likely to find anywhere! Although politically linked to Denmark, Greenland's prevailing culture is that of the Inuit people that have inhabited the island for centuries.

Far up in the cold Arctic, the vast island boasts some of the most scenic fjords and glaciers to be seen anywhere on Earth - as well as the incredibly scenery, Greenland is home to a large population of polar bears which you can try to spot along the rugged coastline with Imaginative Traveller.


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GROUP TOUR from £8200 for 14 days


- Witness inspiring vistas of mountains, fjords and towering cliffs of the Westfjords.
- Sail through the icebergs of Scoresbysund, arguably the most beautiful fjord system on the planet.
- Explore the remains of ancient Thule settlements in Frederiksdal and Sydkap.
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