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Cuba is an incredible place to visit, and is home to a unique culture and some of the best music to be found anywhere in the world. It also is famous for its fantastic beaches, fascinating history, wonderful atmosphere and of course its iconic rum and cigars! We have numerous great adventures for you to explore the incredible island of Cuba.


We have 11 trips in Cuba   
Any Theme
Departure Month
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Under £1000
£1000 - £2000
£2000 - £3000
Any Duration
1 - 2 Weeks
2 - 3 Weeks
Trip Code: IQSSC
From: £912
9 Days
Trip Code: IQUFA
From: £1020
11 Days
Trip Code: IQUKA
From: £1200
8 Days
Trip Code: IQUSH
From: £1570
15 Days
Trip Code: IQUSZC
From: £2265
21 Days
Trip Code: EMAC
From: £1339
8 Days
Trip Code: EMAH
From: £2349
15 Days
Trip Code: ETAC
From: £2049
15 Days
Trip Code: IQBXC
From: £837
7 Days
Trip Code: IQUSN
From: £859
10 Days
Trip Code: EFNUA
From: £1259
8 Days

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