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Diving underground in Mexico

Cave Diving: What is it? Well, you get kitted out in scuba-diving equipment and travel inland, jump in a hole in the ground in the middle of the jungle and go Wow! Simple.

Location: Dos Ojos, Tulum, Mexico. After kitting out, about seven of us piled onto the back of our ´vehicle´ if you could call it that. It was a massive great engine in front of what seemed to be a hand-made wooden tabletop truck. Very suspicious and no brakes… I hope the diving equipment is better than the shuttle bus.

We pounded through the bush for about 20 minutes and arrived at a hole in the ground. Not very impressed yet. Bring repellent!

We lowered the kit bags down into the underground abyss and climbed down for our first look at what we were getting ourselves into. We kitted up and dropped ourselves into the water, fresh and cool. Even the experienced divers were a bit nervous.

We glided through limestone formations protruding from above and below, sometimes the ceiling was air, sometimes limestone. Great caverns, valleys and cathedrals peeled off to the side. We dived down.

Other caverns opened up. Small holes in the rainforest floor spilled light into the underground. Rich colours of blues, greens, yellows, whites and golds highlighted magical formations from backgrounds of pitch black, revealing awesome beauty.

No ripples or shadows at all enhanced the sensation of being out of this world! Visibility was as far as the caves extended or the torch reached, possibly 100 metres or more in the natural light areas. The cave area was massive. Dos Ojos is linked to one of the great underwater cavern systems of the Americas. More limestone columns, ledges and passageways before we surface in a small air pocket about 16 inches (1 and third feet) high, just long enough to go ´Wow man´.

One or two of the crew were a little freaked out by the massive areas of darkness where the caverns were too great for the light to reflect. This was natural beauty at its best, and rarely experienced. So if you get the opportunity... GRAB IT!

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