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Fabulous February


We want to help all our readers be rid of this feeling and to be able to leap into February with energy and positivity.


Please see below our top tips to banish the January Blues and have a fabulous February.


Tip #01 - Get in the sun

It comes as no surprise that during the winter months when we see less of the sun in the UK that Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is most common.  It is a form of depression caused by a lack of sunlight.  One way to combat this is to wrap up warm and get outside during the day, any daylight will help to prevent SAD.  An alternative way to avoid SAD is to take yourself to the sun, we have plenty of February departures that can deliver sun maybe Kruger & Coast or Classic Peru, we even have a specific trip that has sun it its title, the Land of the Rising Sun.  This also leads neatly to our next top tip…



Tip #02 - Book a Holiday

Research has proved that researching and booking a holiday is great way to cheer oneself up.  It is natural for a holiday to cheer you up, as it allows you the time to rest, relax and to do what you want.  Psychologists believe that even the process of booking a holiday provides instant gratification which is not surprising because as soon as the holiday is booked you can start looking forward to it and this form of excitement releases endorphins that will make you feel happier.  So the only question left to answer is where do you want to go on holiday?  Will it be Asia, the Middle East, Africa, EuropeSouth America or North & Central America?


Tip #03 - Exercise regularly

It is common knowledge that exercise makes one happier.  The reason for this is that a chemical called Phenylacetic acid is produced in our bodies when we exercise.  This chemical is responsible physical energy, mood and attention.  This can sound daunting to those of us who do not normally exercise, or even those of us who like to think that we do but that we have ‘fallen of the wagon’ over Christmas.  The upside in this situation is that merely 20 minutes of exercise is proven to have notable rewards.  So do not be put off, this is achievable.  Imaginative traveller offer a variety of holidays that involve exercise, why not chose a theme to suit you?


Tip #04 - Get more sleep

Sleep is very important to maintaining a positive outlook and optimum health.  We are recommended to have seven to nine hours of sleep a night.  Sleep allows our body time to rest and rejuvenate ensuring well being which in turn leads to stamina and positive feelings.  Creating a regular pattern encourages a good night’s sleep.  If you are having trouble sleeping also examine the noise levels, light and temperature of the room you are sleeping in as these can all play an important part.  Daily exercise also help aid sleep, so tip 03 and 04 work well together.  Sleep is an integral part to any of our trips, whether you are looking to sleep under the stars (you could try Okavango Experience) or in a hotel (you could try Bhutan Discovered) we have the holiday for you.



Tip #05 - Be sociable

It is proven that being sociable makes one feel happier, what a great excuse to get out and see your friends!  Apparently those who socialise regularly are more productive, less likely to catch a cold, sleep better (see tip 04) and are less likely to be depressed.  What’s stopping you, arrange to see your friends soon.


Why not combine top tips 01, 02, 03, 04 and 05 and go on an activity holiday, in the sun with friends.  Pick the best trip theme for you and have a fabulous February!








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