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Fancy going solo? Travel in a small group with Imaginative Traveller

Finding herself alone for the first time in decades, Janice Waugh used her love of travel to launch, a blog which quickly took off, resonating with thousands of readers across the globe. Since then Janice has moved into public speaking and has taken on a number of other projects. She also created The Solo Traveler’s Handbook, hoping to inspire those thinking of taking on the world alone. Imaginative Traveller caught up with her to gain some insight into what solo travelling is really all about.

1. Safety Is Very Important When It Comes To Solo Travelling. Are There Any General Pointers That You Can Offer That Might Help Those Travelling Alone To Avoid Dangerous Accommodation Etc?

Your accommodation should be your safe haven. I always confirm where the hostel or hotel is located to make sure it is in a good area before I book. We recently published The Solo Traveler Accommodation Guide [] which was crowdsourced from the Solo Traveler community. There are 159 recommendations from 51 countries. It’s an inspiring resource and it’s free.

In addition to choosing your accommodation carefully, it’s important to stay in public places with new acquaintances, walk about in well-lit places, take a taxi home at night – basically do all the things you would at home to stay safe. But, above all, trust your gut. If something doesn’t feel right, get out of there.

2. Is There Any Place You Wouldn’t Go Alone?

I’m not interested in travelling in dangerous areas so yes, there are places I wouldn’t go. That said, countries are large and trouble in one place does not necessarily mean that the whole country is dangerous. I do my research.

solo female traveller at the Taj Mahal

3. What Would Your General Advice Be To Those Thinking Of Travelling The World Alone?

If you’re going to do an RTW (round-the-world) trip I suggest a basic plan but don’t over plan and expect to travel at a slower rate than you would for a short trip. Consider hostels. Do your research, not all are great but there are many, many wonderful hostels to visit. They’re great for solo travellers because they are social - you may pick up a friend to travel with for a day or a week, I know I have on occasion.

4. Did You Ever Feel Really Lonely? If So, How Did You Deal With The Feeling?

There are times when I would like someone to hang out with but it’s not usually a problem at all. There are many ways to meet people as you travel and the result can be amazing. I’ve had dinner with new friends on a number of occasions. I write about this in my book The Solo Traveler’s Handbook [].

solo female traveller

5. What Is The Most Thought Provoking Place You’ve Ever Been To?

My answer must be India. The people are so friendly and generous, even if they don’t have much. It’s a complicated society with a complex culture. There is much to be learned there.

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