Adventure travel in the USA is much, much more than the usual Vegas, Grand Canyon, Rockies and Yellowstone tick-list.

Yes all these incredible places must be seen (and our trips of course include these highlights) but we can also get you off the beaten track, overnighting in an Alaskan wilderness camp, exploring the absolutely stunning Glacier National Park in Montana and spending time with the Navajo Indians in Monument Valley Tribal Park.


We have 13 trips in USA   
Any Theme
Departure Month
Any Price
£1000 - £2000
£2000 - £3000
£3000 - £4000
Any Duration
1 - 2 Weeks
2 - 3 Weeks
3 - 4 Weeks
Trip Code: ISSKE
From: £2520
12 Days
Trip Code: ISSKV
From: £2175
9 Days
Trip Code: ISSKPC
From: £3311
18 Days
Trip Code: ISSRVC
From: £1395
11 Days
Trip Code: ISTFF
From: £2145
15 Days
Trip Code: ISSREC
From: £1715
14 Days
Trip Code: ISSRAC
From: £2120
14 Days
Trip Code: ISSKC
From: £2920
12 Days
Trip Code: ISSONC
From: £2980
25 Days
Trip Code: ISSKD
From: £2430
10 Days
Trip Code: ISSOA
From: £1125
10 Days
Trip Code: ISSOSC
From: £2195
19 Days
Trip Code: SLUSA
From: £3750
11 Days

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