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Travel Health & Vaccinations

Each region comes with its own advice...

Recommended vaccinations and other health protection measures vary according to region and recent bulletins issued by health authorities. It’s essential to get the latest advice on the regions you’re planning to travel to, and that you check with either your doctor or a travel clinic in good time before you leave.

As a tour operator we're unable to give medical advice, so refer you instead to either the World Health Organisation or National Travel Health Network & Centre for further details or to contact a professional medical travel clinic.

We strongly recommend that you check the vaccines required for a region through these sources and, if there is a recommended requirement, to take malaria prevention tablets. We also strongly recommend you complete any courses of vaccines that you are prescribed.

In general, please make sure that you have sun lotion and a hat for sun protection, as well as remembering to stay hydrated whilst on the trip – you should drink at least 2 litres of water per day (and more if you are doing any physical exercise or travelling to higher altitudes).

For any travel health queries you may have in the lead up to your departure we have partnered with travel medical specialists Nomad Travel. Please call them on +44 (0)800 808 5739, where you will be able to speak to specialist nurses and have any travel health queries answered.

We’ve been working with Nomad Travel in the UK for many years, and Imaginative Traveller customers are entitled to 10% off all Nomad vaccinations at any Nomad Travel Clinic as well as 20% off kit and equipment purchased at Nomad online or in-store. Their website also has comprehensive, up-to-date vaccination and health information. These discounts are also available for customers on an overlanding trip with our sister company Dragoman.


Local health facilities vary greatly in their frequency and quality depending on the region you are travelling in, but if there is a medical emergency during your trip the leader will make it a priority for the affected person to be seen by a medical professional as soon as possible. In this situation, the leader can also liaise with the operator's operations team and the affected person's insurance company to find the best solution for the situation.

Please ensure that you have adequate insurance to cover you for medical emergencies - see here for more details.

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