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Visit the Iconic Ruins of Tikal, Guatemala

The deserted Mayan ruins of Tikal lie in the heart of the Guatemalan jungle of El Peten. This amazing archaeological site is the largest excavated Mayan ruin site in the Americas. A monumental ceremonial centre, it is located in the midst of the immense Tikal National Park - its lofty pyramids can be seen rising high above the jungle's leafy canopy.

Visit the ruins of Tikal, Guatemala

Settled around 700 BC by the Mayans, the surviving temples of the resplendent and powerful city are rich examples of the Late Classic period. The central plaza has five main temples with some of them over 50 metres high.

You can climb to the peak of Temple IV and take in the spectacular views. Beyond this there is a labyrinth of smaller uncovered structures and outlying complexes nestled within the dense rainforest, home to riotous parrots, toucans, macaws, tree frogs and howler monkeys.

The majority of our Guatemala trips take in these iconic ruins, so you have plenty of choice when it comes to selecting a tour to this fascinating part of the world.


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