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The Wildebeest Migration

The Wildebeest Migration

Quite simply, a unique phenomenon. The annual migration between Kenya and Tanzania surely has to be one of the highlights of the natural world and a 'must see' for anyone looking to take a safari in arguably the world's top safari destinations. Over a million wildebeest and thousands of zebra and antelope trek from the dry savannah grasslands of the Serengeti in Tanzania north to the Masai Mara in Kenya in search of sustenance. The entire journey, one giant clockwise loop, is over 1800 miles. Calving occurs in the Serengeti January to mid-March and the animals then head to the western Serengeti in June. They then move northwards to the Masai Mara where you can expect the animals to arrive as early as July, but usually between August and September. They remain in the Mara between October and November. Between December and January they begin migrating back towards the Serengeti.

 Wildesbeest Migration in the Serengeti and Masai Mara

One of the toughest points of the route and best place to see the migration is the Mara River where the herds have to contend with the crocodiles, waiting for the young and weak to falter in the strong currents. This crossing usually takes place between July and September. In addition to rushing madly across the river, there is en masse grazing on the plains. Such a large number of animals in one place attracts many other predators such as lions, hyenas, leopards and wild dogs. Witnessing a kill is virtually a certainty!

All our safari holidays to Kenya and Tanzania operate throughout the period of the Migration although the exact timing changes each year.

Animal-Migration between the Masai Mara and Serengeti

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