Why go on a walking, trekking and cycling adventure holiday

The best way to really experience a country is by getting out into the heart of it.

Walking alongside the locals, cycling the backroads, immersing yourself in the culture, staying in rural accommodation en route and enjoying spectacular views far, far removed from the main tourist hubs. You can enjoy all this and more on an Imaginative Traveller walking, trekking or cycling holiday. Plus travelling by two feet or two wheels is as environmentally friendly as travelling gets, and highlights what’s great about responsible travel, getting you closer to the communities.


With over 20 years of experience and expert knowledge we make our walking, trekking and cycling adventure and activity holidays very special. Our itineraries reflect decades of client and tour leader feedback and are carefully designed to give trekkers the best experience possible. 

A group of tourists walking up a sand dune


Iconic sights

Think Peru – think Machu Picchu; think Nepal – think Everest Base Camp; think high altitude challenge – think Kilimanjaro; think India – think Taj Mahal. On an Imaginative Traveller trekking or cycling holiday you can enjoy these world famous sights for yourself in the hands of the experts.

Leisurely walks and rides

Not every day need involve walking or cycling. On many of our adventure holidays you are only walking or cycling for a few days at a time, but it still gives you that same authentic experience. Equally, we have a selection of longer treks which may still only be moderate, allowing any reasonably fit person to enjoy them in comfort. Please see individual trips for more details of lengths involved.

Challenge yourself!

For some this might simply be sleeping in a tent rather than a hotel whilst on trek. For others it may be doing a multi-day hike rather than a day walk. We offer a number of high altitude treks in various countries around the world including Peru, Nepal and Tanzania. How high can you go on a trekking holiday with Imaginative Traveller? 5895m on Mt Kilimanjaro! An adventure holiday often inspires you to push your boundaries so why not yank those hiking boots on and get out there!


We appreciate that often people are worried about fitness or being left behind “because I’m such a slow walker”. Don’t worry, it’s not a race. Part of the beauty of walking and cycling is to take in the scenery slowly, stop for rests, snacks, a drink, photos, chat to the locals… Everyone walks or bikes at their own pace – our professional guides make sure of that. Plus we have a good ratio of staff to clients per trip and a support vehicle on our bike rides to ensure no-one gets left behind! Please see our ‘Trek Grades‘ section for more information about trips and altitude issues.

Guides and Porters

With our experienced local guides you’ll not only see the iconic sights but also the hidden treasures off the beaten track. On our organised treks our team of porters (or mules, horses, camels or yaks) will support you allowing you to fully appreciate the scenery and the trekking experience. We also encourage you to get to know our teams along the way – many trekkers report that this is one of the highlights of their trip. We are members of the International Porter Protection Group – formed by a group of Himalayan trekking operators to develop a standard of employment practice for mountain porters and trek operators. The IPPG now helps porters throughout the world. We constantly try to set the benchmark for the industry on porters and go to lengths to ensure the best treatment for our own porters. We provide appropriate clothing, food, shelter, healthcare, insurance and above-average wages for our all porters. In addition to the IPPG, we support the Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project in Tanzania, which works towards improving working conditions for porters in the region. All our treks follow the guidelines set out by these organisations

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