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Responsible Travel – ethical trekking on a walking trip with Imaginative Traveller

Go Local

Across all our trekking tours local trekking staff and leaders are used, as is public or locally-owned transport, family-run accommodation, local restaurants and buy our supplies from local operators. This benefits everyone: greater opportunities and economic benefits for local communities, and travellers get further under the skin of the country they visit.

a sherpa shaking out a blanket on a high plateau overloooking a village


Small Groups

Less is more: less impact on the natural environment, more chance to enjoy your surroundings. Less crowding out of places, more time spent meaningfully interacting with locals.

The Environment

We work hard to ensure our impact on the environment is minimised – training staff and business partners, keeping our distance from wildlife, and of course giving advice to everyone who travels with us. We’re also working to minimise greenhouse gas emissions and support a number of environmental conservation projects.

‘Leave no trace camping’

We ensure our suppliers leave campsites in as good or preferably better condition than how they are found. Aim to locate tents at least 30 metres from streams and lakes and to prevent erosion, don’t dig drainage ditches around tents. Where possible, tents are pitched on sandy or hard surfaces, thereby protecting fragile mountain meadows and tundra, and never camp within historical sites.

Campfires and cooking

We ensure our suppliers never light a fire at a site where it is prohibited to do so and adopt a responsible and environmentally sensitive approach where it is allowed. All the cooking on our trekking holidays is done on kerosene stoves rather than open fires.

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