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Top Countries for 2018

Lonely Planet has just revealed their list of the Top 10 countries to visit for the new year. Whilst we instantly start to pack our bags, let's take a look...


Sandwiched between the Andes and the Pacific, Chile is home to some of South America’s most beautiful National Parks, mountains and lakes, making it an outdoor lover’s dream. Head to Patagonia to see the spectacular Chilean fjords and explore the world-famous Torres del Paine National Park with towering snow-capped mountains, lush green vegetation and crisp blue skies.

Trip Code: IGPTV
From: £2595
10 days


South Korea

A wonderfully dynamic country boasting an incredible mix of futuristic cities and serene countryside with some excellent trekking opportunities. Visit ancient Buddhist caves and atmospheric modern temples, and taste some of the most underrated cuisines in the world.

Trip Code: ICJZK
From: £1544
8 days
Trip Code: EAOD
From: £2599
14 days

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Portugal is gifted with a beautiful Mediterranean climate, a laid-back atmosphere, and a fascinating history.

The charming cities of Lisbon and Porto have a magical vibe and are full of art, architecture and culture. The beaches of the south are amongst the best in Europe, and the dramatic mountains, lush vineyards and rugged coastline of the northern Minho region are perfect for cycling.

Trip Code: EWSA
From: £1499
8 days
Trip Code: IZMKI
From: £2230
10 days

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The tiny country of Djibouti lies on the Horn of Africa's Red Sea Coast. Certainly one of the world's most unusual and rarely-visited regions. The landscapes provide some particularly beautiful trekking routes and some amazing activities on the coast of the Red Sea, making it a fantastic and quite special destination to consider.

Trip Code: IYGSD
From: £2295
11 days



New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the most scenic countries on Earth - from the spectacular mountains and glaciers of the Southern Alps to the beautiful waterfront city of Auckland, the diversity of landscapes and activities in New Zealand is endless.

Trip Code: IPHCNN
From: £1372
8 days
Trip Code: IPTOSU
From: £2185
11 days

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A jewel floating in the warm Mediterranean waters, Malta has an intoxicating mix of cultural influences and traditions, and has an idyllic year-round climate - the perfect destination for adventurous travellers looking for a slice of an island paradise!

Trip Code: IZJFM
From: £685
8 days

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Georgia is a mountainous country with dramatic Caucasus mountain scenery, historic Christian monuments and an extremely warm and hospitable people. A strongly Orthodox Christian country it has some of the most historic Christian monuments on the planet - many dating back to the 5th Century CE! Seldom visited, it should be high on the wish list of any adventure traveller.

Trip Code: IKFSB
From: £1425
10 days
Trip Code: IKFSTC
From: £3215
24 days

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Known as the 'Star and Key of the Indian Ocean' due to its strategic position this island paradise with idyllic blue waters and soft sand beaches are perfect for that tropical getaway. The closest our group tours get to this island is its much bigger neighbour, Madagascar



There is so much to discover and explore in the vast & fascinating land of China. From the phenomenal karst rock formations and mountains of the south, to the vast deserts of the west, and the high Tibet plateau, China contains some of the most stunning scenery to be found in all of Asia. The entire country is teeming with beautifully-chaotic modern cities juxtaposed with thousands of years of fascinating history and heritage.

Trip Code: ICBKS
From: £1925
13 days
Trip Code: ICBRKC
From: £1854
23 days

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South Africa

A land of contrasts; famous for its magnificent National Parks which are home to some of the finest wildlife on the continent. Cosmopolitan cities, beaches and adventure activities provide limitless options as your next travel destination.

Trip Code: IUBOH
From: £945
14 days
Trip Code: IUBOQC
From: £1411
18 days

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