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New Polar Trips Added For 2019 & Beyond

We’re excited to announce our new range of Polar Expeditions added for 2019 and beyond.

Explore the icy glaciers and snowy mountains of the Arctic, keeping an eye open for the continent’s unique range of wildlife, including walruses, reindeer, and polar bears. The Arctic is also your best opportunity to see the awe-inspiring Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights, one of the world’s most incredible natural phenomena.

Antarctica is remote, but rich with human history. Unleash your inner explorer as you cross the legendary Drake Passage, and pay your respects at the grave of Ernest Shackleton in South Georgia. But there’s plenty of wildlife on offer too – scan the seas for leopard seals and orca whales, and witness gentoo, Adelie and chinstrap penguins.

Greenland is one of the world’s most sparsely-populated areas, and here you’ll have the opportunity to learn about Inuit life in Itoqqortoormiit, hike Ella Island's wild tundra, and cruise through freshly birthed icebergs in Scoresbysund.

The rugged Svalbard Archipelago is Europe’s largest wilderness, home to more polar bears than human beings. Its largest island, Spitsbergen, boasts a rich array of rocky coasts, glimmering fjords and glacial structures, as well as the northernmost town of its size on Earth, Longyearbyen, a relative metropolis compared to this largely desolate region.

The extremes of the Earth are unlike any other destination, so whichever you choose to visit, you can be sure of the adventure of a lifetime. Take a look at our new trips below!


GROUP TOUR from £4935 for 11 days


- The wildlife viewing opportunities are next-level in this extreme environment, and the abundance is astounding for such a remote and extreme environment. Scan the seas for seals; look out for minke, humpback and orca whales; spot rare birds on the Beagle Channel; and witness gentoo, Adelie and chinstrap penguins
- Come for the beautiful animals, stay for the eye-popping landscapes. The mountains, plains and beaches are half the fun of exploring this unique white continent, and the sight of an iceberg calving into the sea is a moment you won’t forget
- A polar plunge in the sub-zero Antarctic waters is one invigorating experience. You’ve never a had a swim quite like this!


GROUP TOUR from £8900 for 20 days


- Your voyage at sea brings new experiences every day. Cross the wild and wintry Drake Passage, pass between blue-tinged icebergs and explore the coastlines of a multitude of contrasting islands
- Daily Zodiac trips along the Antarctic Peninsula, in the Falklands and on South Georgia Island provide unequalled encounters with nature. See thousands of penguins in their natural habitat, elephant and fur seals lining beaches and various species of whales
- The Falkland Islands are a haven for birdwatchers. Search for petrels, cormorants and Black-browed albatross before heading to the pub to rub shoulders with friendly locals in Port Stanley


GROUP TOUR from £11100 for 23 days


- Contrast the sophisticated Argentinian capital of Buenos Aires with the Patagonian outpost of Ushuaia - two totally different locations
- South Georgia Island is incredibly rich in rare wildlife and history. See over 30 species of birds, including four penguin species, and visit the grave of the great explorer, Sir Ernest Shackleton
- Encounter whales, seals and penguins on regular Zodiac excursions along the plunging coastline of the Antarctic Peninsula


GROUP TOUR from £7310 for 8 days


- Your adventure begins in the most populated city in Patagonia, Punta Arenas. There are plenty of museums, restaurants and shops to keep you entertained before embarkation
- Flying from Punta Arenas to the South Shetland Islands is the fastest, most direct way of travelling to Antarctica and the view over the Drake Passage is unforgettable
- Witness penguins playing in their natural habitat at inland rookeries during daily Zodiac landings along the Antarctic Peninsula


GROUP TOUR from £6000 for 13 days


- Uncover the incredible landscape of Spitsbergen, from the quirky northernmost city of Longyearbyen and brilliantly blue glaciers like the ‘14th July Glacier’, to stunning fjords and towering mountains and cliffs
- There are few things as unique and memorable as experiencing bright sunlight in the middle of the night – try it for yourself with the 24 hours sunlit Spitsbergen
- Scour sheets of ice and hopefully be rewarded with unforgettable sightings of the ruler of the Arctic – the Polar Bear


GROUP TOUR from £24300 for 14 days


- Feel on Top of the World and literally stand on it – reach the pinnacle of Arctic endeavours and the Earth with an expedition to 90 degrees North
- Climb aboard a ship that can go where others cannot – crush through metres of ice on the world’s largest, most-powerful nuclear icebreaker, ‘50 Years of Victory’
- Float high above the Pole on a unique, optional sightseeing hot air balloon ride


GROUP TOUR from £6200 for 13 days


- Seek out unforgettable Polar Bears sightings while roaming the hunting grounds of this ruler of the Arctic
- Discover the history of Greenland with explorations of the ruins of ancient Thule settlements and learn about the Inuit life in Ittoqqortoormiit
- Experience how this incredible environment is ever-changing while cruising through freshly birthed icebergs in Scoresbysund

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