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A night with some Nomads in Iran

The 3 hour drive from Shiraz to visit the Nomad home stay is winding drive up through the Zagros mountains. The Qashqai (of the same name for the Nissan car, which they are very proud of) tribe have been nomadic within Iran for thousands of years.


They have adapted to modern conditions and are now semi settled, staying in basic homes during the summer months, to harvest apples, plums and other fruits, before transferring south to Shiraz or the surrounding area for the winter. During this time they focus on carpet weaving, general work or even run small shops.


They are incredibly friendly and outgoing and despite the language barrier and are keen to interact with their foreign visitors; the experience is genuine and beneficial both to the tourist and local community. Iranian tourism is still in its infancy but there is a hope, an expectation even, that more will come and with it a welcome side income to help them maintain their way of life as well as the opportunity to show off and promote their country.



Mike was on our Iran Adventure trip.

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