Overlanding - What's it all about?

It’s quite a simple concept.


On an overland journey, you’ll visit the must-see highlights of a region  - the iconic Taj Mahal, the incredible ruins of Machu Picchu or the the phenomenal Great Wall of China. By travelling in a purpose-built truck, you’ll also get well off the beaten track and under the skin of the country. Seeing lots of hidden gems along the way!





Shared Experiences

Our groups consist of up to 22 people of all ages and nationalities. Everyone gets involved in setting up camp, shopping for food, cooking and cleaning.


The idea of ‘pitching in’ has become intrinsic to overlanding– it becomes part of the adventure!

The Truck



Camping and Hotels

We use a wide variety of accommodation depending on the trip; from hotels, guesthouses and jungle lodges, to tents, royal houseboats and even yurts! If you've never been camping before, then an overland trip is a great introduction! All of our trucks are fully equipped with sturdy tents and a full compliment of cooking and camping equipment. Your leaders will give you a full briefing about setting up on the first camping night, so it couldn’t be easier.


On some of our overland trips you'll be camping most nights (particularly in Africa), while on others you’ll be staying in characterful guesthouses and hotels with the odd homestay where you can get a unique insight into life in the local community.

Overlanding- gazebo


We also offer upgrades on some of our trips (booked on the road), so if you fancy having a bit of comfort for a night or two…you can!

Open Age Policy

All of our trips have an open age policy, which we’re very proud of. Our journeys are designed for everyone who has an overland spirit, which makes for a healthy mix of different people sharing their experiences, creating a dynamic and vibrant atmosphere on the road.


9 days or 90 days?

We have a huge range of overland trips from 9 days through to 235 days! So if you only have a couple of weeks off work, why not try one of our many two week trips in Georgia and Turkey, East Africa or India or Peru?



Alternatively, if you’re looking for a truly epic journey, you could travel overland with us for several months on one of our ultimate journeys - you could go from Anchorage to Ushuaia, Istanbul to Beijing, Cape Town to Cairo, or a whole loop of India!



So…."Will your trips suit me? What’s included? What is a kitty?"...we hear you cry! Here's a great video to answer more FAQs


If you have any questions – however big or small, then please get in touch. Alternatively, view our range of overland trips!



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