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Adventure Travel Insurance

Ensure you have the right cover

Medical travel insurance cover, which includes repatriation, is essential on all our trips - and obtaining valid cover is a condition of booking with us. Without evidence of a valid policy on the first day of the trip, unfortunately we will not be able to allow you onto the trip.

We can offer special adventure travel insurance, which differs from many others because it covers any activity when booked or arranged through us. We can arrange cover for travellers resident anywhere in Europe, except for Switzerland, Belarus, Montenegro and Ukraine - people from these countries or elsewhere will need to arrange their own insurance locally in their country of residence.

Our policies are priced competitively from GBP29. Please contact our sales team or use the online form below for a quote or to arrange your cover.


You can view a sample Worldwide Travel Insurance certificate for both annual multi trip and single trip here: Imaginative_Traveller_Insurance_Policy_2019.pdf

Dragoman Overseas Travel Ltd. (which Imaginative Traveller trades under) is an Appointed Representative of Campbell Irvine Limited who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Full list of cover with the Imaginative Traveller-arranged policy (in GBP)

- Medical Expenses:  2,000,000

- In Patient Benefit:  200

- Criminal Injuries Benefit:  5,000

- Personal Liability:  2,000,000

- Personal Accident:  50,000

- Cancellation or Curtailment:  5,000

- Delayed Departure or Arrival:  100

- Cancellation due to Delayed Departure:  1,000

- Hijack of Aircraft:  3,000

- Interruption of Transport:  300

- Delayed Tour Expenses:  150

- Personal Effects:  2,000 (Valuables limited to GBP350 in total)

- Money:  500

- Tickets:  1,000

- Passport or Visas:  250

- Temporary Loss of Baggage:  100

- Legal Expenses:  15,000

Independently-arranged insurance

If you prefer to arrange your insurance independently, it should cover you for any activities that you may wish to participate in, such as white-water rafting, trekking, horse-riding, etc. and the 24-hour Emergency Assistance Company must be experienced in handling situations in developing countries if applicable (e.g. they have the ability to arrange repatriation from remote areas such as the Sahara or trekking in the Andes). If you are travelling to high altitude (such as embarking on a trek to the summit of Kilimanjaro), please make sure that this is also covered.

Please double check if you have annual travel and/or credit card policies to ensure they have the cover you require, as many of these policies are not suitable with adventure travel to remote areas. Many credit card medical insurance policies are not valid for travelling outside your country of residence or outside the EU.

Please also check the age limits on any policy you wish to take out and make sure that you thoroughly inform the insurance company of any pre-existing conditions.

We recommend that any policy has the following minimum levels of cover:

- Medical (including repatriation): GBP2,000,000

- Personal Liability: GBP2,000,000

- Cancellation and Curtailment: GBP5,000 (or the full cost of your trip)

- Loss of Baggage, personal effects, money and other inclusions: down to personal choice.

Please note that you should be insured for trip postponement or cancellation purposes immediately upon paying a deposit.

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