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New Trips for 2018

We're excited to announce our great new trips for 2018, take a look and discover your next adventure for the new year!




GROUP TOUR from £2337 for 14 days


- Encounter the legacy of Russian tsar Peter the Great while exploring the enigmatic streets that showcase the many palaces and museums of St Petersburg.
- Stroll Vyborg's cobbled streets and enjoy its quintessential charm on a visit to the only medieval castle in Russia.
- Visit the Solovetsky Islands, location of one of the first GULAGs


GROUP TOUR from £2156 for 15 days


- Get up close and personal with the active volcanoes scattered across the Aeolian Islands and perhaps take a dip in one of the suplhur springs
- Surrounded by dramatic valleys and craters set in a lunar-like landscape, towering Mt. Etna is one of the greatest natural beauties of the Mediterranean, and Europe’s largest active volcano
- Search crumbling Greek and Roman ruins in the charming seaside town of Taormina


GROUP TOUR from £1430 for 8 days


- Try your hand at mask making in Venice with a local specialized Venetian Atelier
- Walk the famous paths of the Cinque Terre
- Take the perfect photo of the Leaning Tower of Pisa


GROUP TOUR from £1672 for 10 days


- Lisbon and Porto are two of the most visited cities in Portugal, and for good reason. Explore a medieval fortress in the middle of cosmopolitan Lisbon and sweeten your day with a port tasting in, well, Porto
- Admire beautiful green pastures as you drive along roads bordered with flowers on your excursion to Capelinhos volcano.
- Enjoy a whale watching tour on a small boat excursion with an experienced guide who’ll offer insights into the lives of these amazing creatures


GROUP TOUR from £870 for 8 days


- Discover Krakow, one of the most beautiful medieval cities in Central Europe
- Get off the beaten track and visit Zalipie, a small but pretty village in Poland where every house is painted with folklore motives
- Explore Zakopane, winter capitol of Poland, enjoy snowshoeing activity in Polish Tartras


GROUP TOUR from £1232 for 9 days


- Dubrovnik's charms reach far beyond the famed beautiful city walls. Explore the undisputed jewel of the Dalmatian Coast, and maybe cruise to Lokrum Island where a botanical garden, Benedictine monastery, and excellent swimming spots await
- Korcula Island is a quiet escape full of vineyards, olive groves and tranquil coves – indulge in local island food and drink specialties during a feast in a sleepy village
- Hvar Island seems to have it all: Renaissance architecture, beautiful beaches, lush green landscapes and excellent Dalmatian cuisine


GROUP TOUR from £595 for 8 days


- Discover Marrakech - Djemaa El-Fna isn't just a marketplace, it's a way of life. Marrakesh's largest outdoor food market is brimming with activity and is a great place to sample Moroccan delicacies while rubbing shoulders with the locals
- Explore pristine, secluded beaches of southern Morocco, find the spot where Ocean meet the mountains
- Discover a more laid back way of life in Taghazout, a sleepy coastal village where you can learn to surf and unwind with a yoga class.


GROUP TOUR from £3165 for 15 days


- Italy is a foodie's paradise, but as a visitor it can be hard to escape the tourist traps. Your local leaders will give you an insider's guide to this epicurean wonderland
- This trip takes in some of the titans of regional Italian cuisine – Rome (Lazio region), Tuscany, Emilia Romagna, Puglia and the Veneto
- Tasting the real balsamic vinegar in an attic acetaia is a revelation – it'll be hard to go back to the mass-produced version after this


GROUP TOUR from £1016 for 11 days


- Step back in time in the Soviet time capsule that is Minsk. Marvel at Stalinist brutalist architecture from an era gone by and indulge in the culinary offerings of Belarus' capital city
- Embark on a bike ride in Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park in search of Europe's largest land mammal, the European bison
- Stay in a traditional village with a local family and enjoy home cooked meals in a cozy environment


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GROUP TOUR from £3200 for 12 days


- Explore the unique island of Naoshima, transformed from a sleepy fisherman’s haunt to a world class art destination, with sleek and stylish museums and artworks that sit in harmony with the landscape
- Join the locals in the 1,368 stone steps up to Kompirasan, be awed by the impressive Matsuyama castle or try one of the oldest onsen in Japan, Dogo Onsen
- Feel like Indiana Jones as you cross the kazurabashi (vine bridges) of the hidden Iya Valley, a remote retreat of deep gorges and lush mountains on Shikoku island


GROUP TOUR from £2865 for 14 days


- Experience one of the world’s greatest train journeys – the railway to the roof of the world, crossing incredibly mountainous and remote terrain
- Like everything it does, China’s ancient history is on an epic scale – see it first-hand with hours to explore the Great Wall
- Get to know Lhasa, from the architectural wonder of the former home of the Dalai Lama to the incredible atmosphere of the pilgrim-filled Jokhang Temple, the holiest in the Tibetan Buddhist world


GROUP TOUR from £895 for 9 days


- Go beach-hopping through sunny Phuket, often regarded as one of the best seaside locations in Thailand (if not the world!)
- Sink into the slower pace of Khao Lak – a realm full of ambient charm and calming coastlines
- Trek through thick jungle landscape to serene waterfalls in the midst of the jungle – finding tiny pockets of serenity hiding under the trees as you go


GROUP TOUR from £1735 for 16 days


- Work up an appetite with a leisurely cycle through the ancient Buddhas and ruined temples of Heritage-listed Sukothai Park, then feast on a home-cooked picnic lunch
- Experience daily rural life firsthand when staying with long-time Intrepid friends in a small Thai village
- Support an important animal welfare initiative and get close to incredible creatures at the Hospital of the Friends of the Asian Elephant


GROUP TOUR from £2261 for 22 days


- Gunung Leuser National Park is your best chance in all of Indonesia to see orangutans in the wild. This diverse ecosystem also harbours some 300 bird species and the endangered Sumatran tiger
- The excellent Bukit Lawang Eco Lodge provides a unique jungle experience, and by staying there you support the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme
- Climb the Sibayak Volcano, enjoy a picnic at its spectacular summit, then head to local hot springs for some well-earned rest and relaxation after the descent


GROUP TOUR from £784 for 9 days


- Immerse yourself in the Balinese lifestyle – eat a local lunch, visit local temples and get under the skin of local culture
- Discover Ubud, and take in the scenery and surrounding rice terraces, as well as the amazing food.
- Explore some of Bali's famous world class beaches, then spend some time off the beaten track to find the lesser known spots that the locals keep guarded


Middle East


GROUP TOUR from £2295 for 10 days


- Discover why Iranian cuisine is so globally influential while tasting crispy rice dishes like tah chin, breads such as soft sangak or fragrant spices such as cinnamon or cardamom
- Cook cultural culinary favourites in welcoming Iranian family homes – from the sumptuous spiced meat and rice of biryani to sharp and fruity fesenjan stews
- Sample regional delicacies at some of the finest sweet stores in Iran during a visit to Yazd, snacking on crunchy almond qottab or chewy soft baqlava as you go


GROUP TOUR from £3320 for 14 days


- Feast on classic dishes in Israel’s legendary local eateries, from shakshouka to a beloved hummus institution in the Old City of Jerusalem
- In remarkable Petra, Jordan's 'Rose City', sit down with locals for a hearty serving of mansaf, delicious lamb with fermented, dried yoghurt sauce.
- Take a dip in the famously salty Dead Sea

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Central & South America


GROUP TOUR from £1430 for 8 days


- Explore Mexico's amazing Yucatan Peninsula
- Revel in the beach vibe of Playa del Carmen
- Explore incredible Maya pyramids at Chichen Itza


GROUP TOUR from £1095 for 10 days


- Quito's World Heritage-listed Old Town is best explored on foot. Wander its architecture-rich streets past dozens of gilded churches, through stately plazas and among vendors hawking local delicacies.
- A guided walk through the Amazonian jungle reveals an array of wildlife and fascinating insights into the jungle’s critical role in the lives of locals.
- Experience white water rafting on a main tributary of the Amazon River, the Jatunyacu (Big Water) River.


GROUP TOUR from £557 for 8 days


- Arrive in the heaving, hedonistic metropolis of Rio de Janeiro and practice your samba on the streets of Lapa. 
- Visit some of Brazil's biggest icons, including Christ Redeemer, Ipanema Beach and Sugarloaf Mountain. 
- Party down with the locals in the streets of colonial Paraty, where Portugal meets Brazil, jungle meets sea and relaxation meets adventure.


GROUP TOUR from £2455 for 14 days


- It's delicious, diverse and hands-on. You’ll learn the secrets of ceviche, make your own pisco sour, learn a few Andean cooking tips with a foodie in Cusco and eat empanadas straight from the wood-fired ‘horno’
- Pay a visit to a cacao farm and get involved in the whole process from planting to the final product. Enjoy a farm-cooked dinner & stay overnight on the family's plantation.
- Indulge in an optional tour and tasting at one of the Sacred Valley's first craft breweries. Whet your whistle with a pint of the fruity local IPA, the citrus tinged American pale ale, the caramel malts of the Ayrampo Roja red ale or the hearty chocolate notes of the imperial porter.


GROUP TOUR from £1495 for 7 days


- Until 2005, the Gocta Falls sat hidden in the Andes, known only to the locals. These secret waters flow to create one of the tallest falls in the world, setting a magical scene of mist, water and flourishing rainforest
- Spend a full day exploring the ruined Chachapoya fortress of Kuélap, one of the most important archaeological site of the Andes
- Understand the cultural importance of Chachapoya afterlife on an excursion to visit the rock-face mausoleums of Revash and the mummies of Leymebamba

North America


GROUP TOUR from £2368 for 11 days


- Navigate the frozen waterfalls, ice caves and imposing ice formations of Maligne Canyon on a guided exploration of the deepest accessible canyon in Jasper National Park.
- The world-renowned drive from Jasper to Banff on the Icefields Parkway is astonishing. Even better when you don’t have to do the driving.
- Join an included sleigh ride around stunning Lake Louise, a bucket-list Canadian experience in Banff National Park.


GROUP TOUR from £2520 for 20 days


- This trip is packed full of optional outdoor activities, providing the perfect opportunity to explore nature at ground level. Hike through forests, cycle in a remote part of the Rocky Mountains and canoe across a picturesque lake
- With lakes, mountains and glaciers dotted throughout huge national parks, the Rockies features an array of striking landscapes that you won't see anywhere else in the world
- Canoe to an overnight campsite in the remote wilderness. This is the type of experience that's synonymous with the Rocky Mountains

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GROUP TOUR from £1715 for 8 days


- Get off the beaten track and explore the lesser visited East of the North Island
- Experience immersive Maori culture by spending a night in a Marae - a traditional house with Hangi dinner
- Feel like you are in another world by taking a journey on the 'Forgotten World' rail, a disused Heritage Railway line now travelled either in pedal power or electric custom built buggies.


GROUP TOUR from £2295 for 9 days


- Slow the pace and visit some places in Tasmania that are off the tourist track such as Maria Island
- Stay in unique four star accommodation such as the converted Thousand Lakes Lodge, which was once an antarctic training base, and Cradle Mountain Hotel at the foot of the mountain itself
- Travel with a local guide who is passionate about all things Tasmania


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