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Our best foodie travel experiences

After being featured in the Daily Mail’s roundup of the best food tours in Rome, we thought we’d highlight some of the best Real Food Adventures you can book now with Imaginative Traveller. From vegan street food to hearty home-cooked fare to Michelin-star sushi, there’s something here to set any foodie’s taste buds salivating.

Experience culture and cuisine in Italy

Italy has one of the most well-known and widely-loved cuisines in the world, and although many different countries have put their own spin on pasta and pizza, still nowhere does these iconic dishes better than the Italians. Also on offer are the country’s beloved formaggio, cured meats, risotto, salads, stews, and gelato, Italy’s answer to ice cream.

Italy is a foodie’s paradise, and with the guidance of local leaders we’ll escape the tourist traps and discover the authentic side of Italian cuisine. During a farmstay in Tuscany we’ll take a guided tour of the vineyards and cellars, followed by a tasting session. In Bologna, we’ll learn how to roll pasta and prepare our very own Tagliatelle al Ragu Bolognese during a hands-on pasta-making class led by a local master of the craft. And in Rome, we’ll take a 3-hour Foodie Walk, sampling pecorino cheese, delicious semifreddo and robust Italian espressos.



GROUP TOUR from £1538 for 8 days


- Italy is a foodie's paradise, but as a visitor it can be hard to escape the tourist traps. Your local leaders will give you an insider's guide to this epicurean wonderland
- This trip takes in some of the titans of regional Italian cuisine – Rome (Lazio region), Tuscany, Emilia Romagna and Venice
- Tasting the real balsamic vinegar in an attic acetaia is a revelation – it'll be hard to go back to the mass-produced version after this


Tuck in to Vegan delicacies in Thailand

Home to some of the world’s most tantalising, spicy, and flavourful cooking, Thailand also has a diverse menu for vegan travellers. This shouldn’t be surprising; forms of veganism have been around for centuries in connection with Buddhist spiritual practices.

On our Thailand Vegan Food Tour, we’ll jump into the kitchen with local Thai masters who do amazing things with tofu, mushroom, sticky rice, bamboo and spice, and tuck into the likes of wing bean salad, tofu red curry, sweet sticky rice and traditional Thai banana cake.


GROUP TOUR from £1.0E+19 for 0 days


- Thailand is a country that does amazing things with the most elemental ingredients – from mushroom and tofu to bamboo, beans and coconut cream – and the diversity of vegan dishes on offer is a pleasant surprise
- Bangkok’s Chinatown is a revelation, but those in the know head out of town for next-level street-food experiences. Discover a (literal) railway market at Mae Klong, enjoy a palm sugar demonstration at Tha Kha floating market, and peruse a veritable vegan smorgasbord at riverside Kanchanaburi
- See everyday life from the Thai perspective and prepare a wide range of vegan cuisine under the guidance of Aoi, your Chiang Mai homestay host. Tuck into the likes of wing bean salad, tofu red curry, sweet sticky rice and traditional Thai banana cake


Enjoy Michelin-star dining in Japan

Tokyo has more Michelin-starred restaurants than any other city in the world. The Japanese love to eat out, and with such a fantastic and unique cuisine it’s easy to understand why! Sushi, ramen, kare-raisu, tempura, miso soup, okonomiyaki, onigiri, udon noodles, gyoza… the choice can be overwhelming. The good news is, there’s something for everyone.

On a tailormade tour we’ll taste some of the most delicious Asian dishes that Japan has to offer. We’ll experience firsthand the fusion of ancient and modern traditions as we travel between Tokyo and Kyoto, visiting a sake brewery in the traditional city of Takayama, eating Okonomiyaki pancakes in Hiroshima, and learning how to make nigiri and rolls from an experienced sushi chef in Toyko.


GROUP TOUR from £2750 for 11 days


- Earn your own sushi making certificate in Tokyo
- Enjoy an authentic Kaiseki dinner in a traditional Japanese ryokan
- Sample fresh sake at a local brewery


Prepare lip-smacking ceviche in Peru

Although it has a long and rich culinary heritage, it’s only recently that Peru and its cuisine have started to attract the global recognition they deserve. There’s a lot going on here; the diverse menu is shaped both by the various peoples and cultures that make up modern Peru, as well as the intense biodiversity of the region which yields a wide range of ingredients, like seafood from the coast, seasonal fruits from the rainforest, and grains and potatoes from the Andes.

On our food tour of Peru, we’ll discover the breadth of Peruvian cuisine in all its rich and colourful history. We’ll learn the secret of preparing lip-smacking ceviche, the Peruvian national dish, eat empanadas direct from the wood-fired ‘horno’, and take a cookery class in a treehouse lodge.



GROUP TOUR from £1885 for 10 days


- It's delicious, diverse and hands-on. You’ll learn the secrets of ceviche, make your own pisco sour, take a cooking class in a treehouse lodge and eat empanadas straight from the wood-fired ‘horno’
- In the last decade, Peru has undergone a culinary renaissance, so this is one of our hottest food destinations
- Discover the breadth of Peruvian cuisine in all its rich and colourful history, from the rustic ‘pachamanca’ tradition to Lima’s world-class urban street food scene


Learn to walk, talk and drink like a Russian

Russia may not be the first country that comes to mind when planning a food holiday, but it has a culinary history stretching back more than a thousand years. And because few of its dishes have achieved international renown, most of what you’ll eat here you can’t really find anywhere else. As such a vast country with a range of differing climates and cultures, there’s no one defining characteristic of Russian cuisine, but there are certain dishes you’ll find throughout most of the country: blini (Russian pancakes), borsht (a beet-based soup), Olivier salad, caviar, and beef stroganoff, to name a few.

On our Russia Real Food Adventure, we’ll spend an evening eating, drinking and playing table games with a St Petersburg family, sample the steaming hot bowls of laghman (pulled noodles with meat and veggies) found inside Soviet-style canteens, and learn how to walk, talk, and drink like a Russian on a Zakuska and Vodka tasting tour in Moscow.


GROUP TOUR from £1.0E+19 for 0 days


- Learn how to walk, talk, drink and party like a Russian on a Zakuska and Vodka tasting tour in Moscow
- The beautifully preserved thatched houses and dome-topped churches of Suzdal are straight out of a Russian fairy tale
- Enjoy a hearty, home-cooked feast with a Tatar family, sampling dishes unique to this semi-autonomous region of Russia

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