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Imaginative Traveller's Ultimate Adventures

We love to inspire fellow travellers with all sorts of travel ideas and so we've rallied round the Imtrav office and asked the team for their bucket-list trips; their Ultimate Adventures. It could be anywhere and doing just had to be something they haven't done as yet! We've included links to the nearest tours that we have to these Ultimate Adventures for you to peruse. So here goes, lets find out where the team are dreaming of travelling too...



Hollie - Sales Consultant

"I'd love to visit Iran and discover it's architecture, cuisine and famous hospitality."


Get there before Hollie does and experience this amazing country!


GROUP TOUR from £2060 for 14 days


- Experience the wondrous remains of Persepolis
- Immerse yourself in nomadic life in a remote homestay with the Qashqai people
- Stay in a classic 16th century Caravanserai


Helen - Operations Manager

'Checking out north Russia and the trans-siberian railway, drinking a little vodka with the locals, maybe staying in a camp. Life in those sorts of extreme conditions seem so tough, it seems almost unbelievable that people can make it their home, I'd love to experience it - at least just for a few days."

Contact our Tailor Made team and ask about experiences on the Trans-Siberia Railway! 


GROUP TOUR from £929 for 8 days


- Explore Russia's mighty capital, Moscow
- Visit lesser known Novgorod, Russia's oldest city
- Discover St. Petersburg's Hermitage and Catherine's Palace



Sally - Operations Manager

"Kayaking on the coast of Alaska in the hope of spotting Orca's in the wild!"



GROUP TOUR from £2104 for 14 days


- Alaska is unlike any other place on earth. Drive across frozen plains past massive peaks, walk across remote tundras to glacial rivers and kayak in the spectacular waters of Prince William Sound
- Denali National Park is home to an abundance of native wildlife. Visit the park for a unique chance to see moose, caribou, grizzly bears, Dall sheep and wolves in their natural habitat
- After witnessing the land mammals of Denali, get close to sea otters, puffins and humpback whales on an optional kayak trip among glaciers in Valdez. You might even see bald eagles wheeling in the sky above


Tash - Operations Manager

"Mine would be standing on the North Pole. It would be even better if I could get there by husky sledding while seeing the northern lights.."



GROUP TOUR from £1399 for 8 days


- Enjoy an evening Northern Lights snowshoe walk
- Relax in the sauna or hot tub
- Learn to cross-country ski on JuumaLake
- Embark on a 10km dogsledding adventure in Riisitunturi National Park
- Stay in fantastic winter lodge accommodation


Nathan - Graphic Designer

"I'd love to hop on a train and discover the best that Europe has to offer! It's so close to the UK but somewhere I've rarely visited."




GROUP TOUR from £2308 for 26 days


- Learn about the dark history and rebuilding of Bosnia and Herzegovina on a walking tour of Sarajevo, then visit Mostar’s famous Old Bridge and witness a traditional bridge jumper hurl themselves into the icy waters below
- Immerse yourself in the edgy street scene of Belgrade's Bohemian Quarter, then dance the night away in one of Europe’s nightlife hotspots
- Split is a haven of relaxation and culture. Unwind with a walk along the waterfront promenade and admire the impressive ruins of Diocletian's Palace


Ben - Agents Sales

"Mine is an expedition to the jungles of Indonesia in search of the mythical Mante Tribe."



GROUP TOUR from £945 for 12 days


- Enjoy a mixture of adventurous activities, from snorkelling to hiking to rafting – perfect for those who love to get their pulse going
- Get well away from the tourist trail in Eastern Bali, visiting lesser-known temples and villages of Tenganan Village and Pura Luhur Lempuyang. These are golden opportunities to learn about Balinese culture
- Hike through lush forests and climb to the rim of Mt Rinjani, where spectacular views of the crater reward your efforts on this challenging day-trek


Laura - Operations Assistant

"I'd have to say Jordan and Israel - dead sea, Petra, Bethlehem, Wadi Rum, Jerusalem. I'd love to discover the stories behind the ruins, explore the ancient cities, and float weightlessly in the dead sea along with desert camping and vibrant culture!"



GROUP TOUR from £2735 for 15 days


- This trip has a good balance of sight seeing and cities and beaches and desert.                              
- Experience the feeling of weighlessness as you float in the super salty Dead Sea.                          
- Spend the night trying to count the billions of stars or chat with the locals  at our bedouin camp in Wadi Rum.


Suze - Sales Consultant

"My dream trip would be to head to Antartica to experience this amazing white wilderness. As a wildlife fan, I think this would be the ultimate place to go to spot penguins, whales and seals as well as marvel at the infamous blue tinged ice bergs."



GROUP TOUR from £5300 for 11 days


- Whether you're on land or at sea, you'll see an abundance of wildlife on this trip. Scan the seas for whales and seals, spot rare birds while passing through the Beagle Channel and witness diverse species of penguins on daily boat trips
- The spectacular terrain of Antarctica is like nowhere else on Earth. Set foot on the plains, mountains and beaches of the White Continent and watch icebergs calve into the sea
- Experience a polar plunge in Antarctic waters - one of the most invigorating dips you're ever likely to take


Lesley - Tailor Made


"Who doesn’t want the opportunity to spend an extended period of time in the wilderness with amazing dogs and stunning scenery? Throw in the possibility of seeing the Northern Lights and Father Christmas … what’s not to like?  Top it all off with a stay at the world famous Ice Hotel  ... Hell Yeah!"



GROUP TOUR from £1149 for 4 days


- See the Northern lights with expert guides
- Enjoy exciting winter activities
- Experience a unique wilderness location


If any of our ideas have inspired you to grab your passport then get in touch and we can find the perfect tour for you. Remember our Tailor Made department too, bespoke itineraries made just for you!!



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