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Photography Tips - Landscape

What are Landscapes?

To become better at travel photography it’s necessary to embrace a number of genres, and landscape are an important element of that.

Most people often think of landscape as just picturesque views of natural surroundings but it can also include urban landscapes and any scene that gives a strong impression of your local environment.

Taking pictures of rock formations. Landscape photography tips

Photography Tips - Depth of Field and Lighting

The typical landscape shot is defined by shooting with a great depth of field so that all areas of the scene are in focus.

Another important element is the light, which needs to be soft and flattering to bring out texture, colour and shape. This often means shooting with a high fstop number (such as f22) and in low light - this gives a slow shutter speed, which can lead to camera shake.

To counteract this, most landscape shooters consider a tripod an essential piece of kit. This can often be cumbersome for the travel photographer but there are a variety of small and lightweight versions available.

TOP TIP! Use a wall or sturdy surface as a support for steadying the camera in these cases where a tripod is not practical.



Photography Tips - Choosing your lens

Another consideration is lens choice. The majority of landscape shots are made using a wide angle lens, in order to capture a large view of the scene. However, it is also acceptable to use a more normal focal length, or even in some circumstances a long lens to pick out the more important aspects of your view.

Photography Unique Landscapes. Arches National Park, USA

Wide view, or landscape shots are typically used as establishing shots to a story in editorial and books. Likewise in movies, many start, sometimes even when the titles are still rolling, with a sweeping shot of the location or scene where the movie is set.

Again, as is true for all good travel photography being there at the right time is far more useful and important than any technique or kit you may have.

Photography Tips, Ghana beach landscape

The great thing about landscapes is that you can practice at home, no matter where you live, and perfect your style until you’re happy with the results.

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