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GROUP TOUR departing 23rd July 2019 for 15 days

Was - £780   /    Now - £585


- Your homestay in the Mekong Delta will be one of the most rewarding experiences of your trip. Experience life with the locals and enjoy a delicious home cooked meal
- Nha Trang is known as the Cannes of Vietnam thanks to its luxurious beaches and relaxed locals. You'll have plenty of free time here to go swimming, snorkelling or indulging in mud baths
- Hoi An is another idyllic pocket of Vietnam that's best experienced from the seat of a bike. Take a guided bicycle tour through the rolling countryside


GROUP TOUR departing 25th July 2019 for 11 days

Was - £1475   /    Now - £1106


- Towering granite cliffs, cascading waterfalls, redwood forests and epic night skies - Yosemite National Park feels like utopia. While other tour groups breeze through in a day, you'll spend two nights in the park, allowing for a full day of hiking and exploring
- For many, Death Valley conjures up images of a flat and barren wasteland. Be surprised by the park's ethereal landscapes of sand dunes, water-sculpted canyons, extinct volcanic craters and, in the spring, fields of wildflowers
- With its out-there culture and wild night life, Las Vegas really deserves a decent stay. You'll have a full day and two nights to make the most of this awesome city


GROUP TOUR departing 26th July 2019 for 22 days

Was - £2005   /    Now - £1704


- Scramble to the top of Sesriem, one of the world's highest sand dunes
- Visit the incredible seal colonies of Cape Cross near Spitzkoppe
- Spot exotic wildlife on a full-day game drive through Etosha National Park


GROUP TOUR departing 27th July 2019 for 15 days

Was - £2210   /    Now - £1989


- Experience Kenya's tribal life with Maasai warriors at an overnight village visit in Loita Hills
- Shop for local wares at Musoma market on the edge of Lake Victoria
- Safari in the iconic Serengeti National Park with two early morning and two late afternoon game drives in our overland vehicle


GROUP TOUR departing 27th July 2019 for 7 days

Was - £1141   /    Now - £922


- Learn the ropes in one of the worlds best sailing destinations
- Switch off from technology for a week and let the conversation flow with your fellow travellers
- With a fishing licence in hand you'll be able to throw a line out and catch the night's dinner


GROUP TOUR departing 27th July 2019 for 17 days

Was - £1030   /    Now - £927


- This overland adventure covers big parts of Mexico, Belize and Guatemala, allowing you to see some of the best of Central America
- Extended time in Caye Caulker and Antigua provides the perfect opportunity to enjoy laid-back island vibes as well as buzzy colonial city life
- A homestay in San Jorge La Laguna invites you to connect with a local family. Sit down for breakfast and dinner with your hosts and work on improving your Spanish


GROUP TOUR departing 27th July 2019 for 8 days

Was - £909   /    Now - £746


- Live the life of a champagne jetsetter on a sparkling wine budget as you tour the islands and coastal towns of the famous Cote d’Azur, soaking up the relaxation and flexibility of life aboard a yacht
- Nice is the perfect place to kick off this French Riviera adventures – wander the Old Town and soak up the superb culture, and you’ll quickly be in holiday-mode
- Visit the Iles de Lerins and sip wine made by the monks who still call its ancient abbey home


GROUP TOUR departing 27th July 2019 for 8 days

Was - £1269   /    Now - £1210


- Shop for local wares and interact with townsfolk at the Mwigobero Market on the edge of Lake Victoria
- Explore the Serengeti National Park in depth, with two early-morning and two late-afternoon game drives through this spectacular wildlife arena
- Learn about the Great Rift Valley where the annual migration of some two million wildebeest plays out


GROUP TOUR departing 27th July 2019 for 8 days

Was - £940   /    Now - £846


- Meet Maasai warriors and experience Kenya's tribal life at an overnight village visit in Loita Hills
- Venture into the incredible Masai Mara National Reserve for a full-day game drive
- Keep your eyes peeled for black and white rhinoceroses on an adventure through Lake Nakuru National Park
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