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GROUP TOUR departing 20th November 2019 for 15 days

Was - £1195   /    Now - £836


- - Help Nepal get back on its feet by retuning to the country, and discover how Kathmandu still remains a legendary destination while the post earthquake rebuilding continues
- - Explore timeless Kathmandu
- - View the mighty Himalaya Mountain range on the flight to Lukla.


GROUP TOUR departing 20th November 2019 for 8 days

Was - £1435   /    Now - £1004


- A guided walking tour of  Old Havana sheds lights on the difference between the lives of city and rural life in Cuba
- Take in all the colours and aromas of Soroa, the stunning valley area known as the 'rainbow of Cuba'
- Stroll along the rural dirt roads of Vinales as tractors, vintage cars and horse-drawn carriages pass you by


GROUP TOUR departing 21st November 2019 for 10 days

Was - £1044   /    Now - £812


- Old-world charm, rich history, exciting nightlife - evocative Havana is like nowhere else on Earth. See the difference between city and coastal life on a guided walking tour of the old capital
- Take inspiration from the locals and mix things up with a bicycle-taxi tour of the colonial city of Camaguey
- Enjoy over two free days in Trinidad. Practice your Spanish in a language class, loll about on an unspoilt Caribbean beach or peddle through sugar plantations on a charmingly rickety bicycle


GROUP TOUR departing 21st November 2019 for 10 days

Was - £2284   /    Now - £2175


- Get acquainted with the beautiful churches and graceful boulevards of Quito, Ecuador's capital
- Snorkel the incredible marine life-filled waters of Kicker Rock, also known as Leon Dormido, one of the best snorkelling spots in the Galapagos and an absolute highlight for many travellers
- The Galapagos Islands played a profound role in forming Charles Darwin's Theory of Natural Selection. Explore the islands on this in-depth adventure, coming face-to-face with some of the most extraordinary wildlife on earth


GROUP TOUR departing 21st November 2019 for 9 days

Was - £1599   /    Now - £1449


- Arrive early and discover Quito’s Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage, filled with colonial era buildings, boulevards of multicoloured mansions and gracefully ageing cathedrals
- Learn about the unique habit of the marine iguana. This dinosaur-like little creature has an iridescent sheen and is only found on the Galapagos Islands
- Many come to Isla Santa Cruz just for the giant tortoises. Get up close and personal with these enormous animals, as they drag themselves through the sand


GROUP TOUR departing 21st November 2019 for 17 days

Was - £1200   /    Now - £1020


- The stars of this trip are the dramatic landscapes of Central America. Think active volcanoes, idyllic beaches and emerald jungles
- Quaint Suchitoto is a contemporary arts hub with a colonial facade. Flower-studded balconies, galleries housed in 19th-century buildings and a lake frequented by thousands of local birds – this little town is a real heart-snatcher
- Stray off the beaten track in El Cuco, where the dark-sand beaches are secluded and the surf breaks are gentle and reliable


GROUP TOUR departing 21st November 2019 for 14 days

Was - £1145   /    Now - £973


- In just 2 weeks, this comprehensive journey around Cambodia will take you from the country’s main highlights to lesser-visited spots; places that take you into daily Cambodian life, like small cottage industries in the beautiful countryside surrounding Battambang
- A homestay in the village of Sambor Prei Kuk puts you right in the heart of rural life in Cambodia
- Get an insight into Cambodian cuisine with a visit to famous pepper plantations outside of Kampot


GROUP TOUR departing 21st November 2019 for 11 days

Was - £11000   /    Now - £8250


- Whether you're on land or at sea, you'll see an abundance of wildlife on this trip. Scan the seas for whales and seals, spot rare birds while passing through the Beagle Channel and witness diverse species of penguins on daily boat trips
- The spectacular terrain of Antarctica is like nowhere else on Earth. Set foot on the plains, mountains and beaches of the White Continent and watch icebergs calve into the sea
- Experience a polar plunge in Antarctic waters - one of the most invigorating dips you're ever likely to take


GROUP TOUR departing 21st November 2019 for 15 days

Was - £2175   /    Now - £1958


- Experience the untouched world of the Amazon rainforest. Wander along jungle trails on the lookout for monkeys, parrots, otters and caimans, and sleep in a nature lodge lit by candles and kerosene lamps
- Marvel at the mother of all Incan cities, magical Machu Picchu. Enjoy a guided tour of the ruins and free time to explore on your own
- If trekking's not your thing, simply take a train to Machu Picchu instead – a great excuse to stay longer in lovely Cuzco
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