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GROUP TOUR departing 2nd January 2021 for 22 days

Was - £2350   /    Now - £1998


- Travel by boat, train, plane, private bus, taxi and even on the back of a motorbike!
- Settle in for the night and experience overnight train journeys in both Thailand and Vietnam, set off from Bangkok and Hanoi and wake up ready to explore Chiang Mai and Hue.
- The two day boat journey down the iconic Mekong River passes incredible rural scenery and is one of the must-dos to truly experience South East Asia


GROUP TOUR departing 2nd January 2021 for 15 days

Was - £1690   /    Now - £1436


- Now one of the world's most artistic and exciting cities, Berlin has a complex history. See remaining fragments of the famous wall that once divided the city in half
- Soak up the royal history of Krakow's Wawel Castle and step back in time with a stroll through its medieval main square
- Immerse yourself in the history, architecture and bohemian vibes of the Czech Republic. Soak up the smooth sounds of jazz at a low-lit bar in Prague before stepping right into a fairytale in the World Heritage-listed town of Cesky Krumlov


GROUP TOUR departing 2nd January 2021 for 59 days

Was - £4610   /    Now - £3918


- Discover Central America, a land of mysterious Mayan ruins, active volcanoes, idyllic beaches and emerald jungles. See the sights and engage in a wide range of optional activities across eight different countries on this epic Latin adventure.
- Whether its slumbering on the sands of Playa del Carmen, gazing at the pyramids of Tikal or haggling in the markets of Chichicastenango, you'll experience multiple sides of Central America.
- You've never seen true colour until you've been to a Mexican market. Practice your bargaining skills, snap some photos and pick up traditional handicrafts at the markets in multiple destinations.


GROUP TOUR departing 2nd January 2021 for 9 days

Was - £920   /    Now - £782


- San Jose is Costa Rica’s cultural heart. Spend time wandering through the artisan stalls of the main Plaza de la Cultura, with plenty of time to stop for a refresco (smoothie) and to do some people watching.
- Lend a hand at a farmstay outside of Santa Rosa de Pocosol, and learn some home-cooked recipes and techniques from the locals on a visit to the Juanilama agricultural community.
- Marvel at the size and stature of the Arenal Volcano on the horizon, perhaps taking a soak and relaxing in La Fortuna’s lava-heated thermal springs.


GROUP TOUR departing 2nd January 2021 for 22 days

Was - £4070   /    Now - £3460


- Get up close and personal with the country's diverse heritage, from the magnificent Aztec temples of Teotihuacan to the brightly-dressed Maya folk of the hills of San Cristobal.
- Compare Mexico City's heady street-food scene to the subtler fare found in Oaxaca. 
- A guided walking tour of  Old Havana sheds lights on the difference between the lives of city and rural life in Cuba


GROUP TOUR departing 2nd January 2021 for 7 days

Was - £2260   /    Now - £1921


- Buenos Aires offers an eclectic mix of European, Cosmopolitan and Latin flavours, as well as a booming cultural and nightlife scene. Explore the neighbourhoods of this lively, confident city on a full-day tour with a local guide
- Look for rainbows in the mist of the mighty Iguazu Falls from both the Brazilian and Argentinian sides, and visit a local indigenous community
- Gaze over the dazzling city, mountains and bay of Rio de Janeiro from the foot of the famous Christ the Redeemer statue


GROUP TOUR departing 2nd January 2021 for 12 days

Was - £1195   /    Now - £1016


- Imagine the once fearsome giant lion's head that marked the entrance to Sigiriya’s Lion Rock, then climb up to a 200 metre high abandoned palace fortress
- Get up close to elephants in Udawalawe National Park, and learn about the nearby organisation that works with orphaned or abandoned baby elephants
- Jump in a jeep to safari though national park, and feel the excitement and anticipation of maybe spotting a leopard


GROUP TOUR departing 2nd January 2021 for 10 days

Was - £775   /    Now - £659


- Act like Mowgli on the hunt for Shere Khan in your own real life version of ‘The Jungle Book’
- Everyone’s seen a photo of the Taj Mahal, but nothing compares to seeing it in person in the glowing morning light – you’ll understand what beauty really is
- Little can describe the feeling of nervous anticipation, of the hairs on the back of your neck standing up in hope of seeing a Bengal tiger stalk through the jungles of Ranthambore National Park


GROUP TOUR departing 2nd January 2021 for 15 days

Was - £880   /    Now - £748


- Enjoy the amazing views in Bandipur, a low key, local town with few international travellers 
- Explore Fewa Lake and gaze at snow capped peaks in Pokhara.
- Witness the sunrise over Annapurna from Poon Hill
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