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Top Countries for 2018

Lonely Planet has just revealed their list of the Top 10 countries to visit for the new year. Whilst we instantly start to pack our bags, let's take a look...


Sandwiched between the Andes and the Pacific, Chile is home to some of South America’s most beautiful National Parks, mountains and lakes, making it an outdoor lover’s dream. Head to Patagonia to see the spectacular Chilean fjords and explore the world-famous Torres del Paine National Park with towering snow-capped mountains, lush green vegetation and crisp blue skies.


GROUP TOUR from £2760 for 10 days


- Discover two very different sides of Chile – the big-city pusle of soulful Santiago and the adventure-fuelled atmosphere of lakeside Puerto Natales
- Argentina's Perito Moreno Glacier must be seen to be believed. This massive, blue-hued natural wonder is one of Patagonia's real crown jewels
- Trek past granite pillars, sparkling lakes and gushing waterfalls in Torres del Paine National Park on a four-day camping trip with all your meals taken care of


South Korea

A wonderfully dynamic country boasting an incredible mix of futuristic cities and serene countryside with some excellent trekking opportunities. Visit ancient Buddhist caves and atmospheric modern temples, and taste some of the most underrated cuisines in the world.


GROUP TOUR from £1790 for 8 days


- Wash down the other version of KFC – Korean Fried Chicken – with a glass of Soju, Korea's national alcoholic beverage
- Savour bibimbap in Jeonju, Korea's foodie capital
- Share a traditional temple meal with Buddhist monks on an overnight stay in a monastery


GROUP TOUR from £2599 for 0 days


- Discover ancient and modern history in Seoul
- Explore natural wonders on Jeju Island
- Taste delicious local cuisine
- Visit Panmunjom to learn how Korea was divided

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Portugal is gifted with a beautiful Mediterranean climate, a laid-back atmosphere, and a fascinating history.

The charming cities of Lisbon and Porto have a magical vibe and are full of art, architecture and culture. The beaches of the south are amongst the best in Europe, and the dramatic mountains, lush vineyards and rugged coastline of the northern Minho region are perfect for cycling.


GROUP TOUR from £1429 for 0 days


- Spectacular varied scenery
- Whale and dolphin watching tours included
- Visit Sete Cidades Crater Lakes and Fire Lake
- Excellent birdwatching opportunities


GROUP TOUR from £2275 for 0 days


- Lisbon and Porto are two of the most visited cities in Portugal, and for good reason. Explore a medieval fortress in the middle of cosmopolitan Lisbon and sweeten your day with a port tasting in, well, Porto
- Admire beautiful green pastures as you drive along roads bordered with flowers on your excursion to Capelinhos volcano.
- Enjoy a whale watching tour on a small boat excursion with an experienced guide who’ll offer insights into the lives of these amazing creatures

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The tiny country of Djibouti lies on the Horn of Africa's Red Sea Coast. Certainly one of the world's most unusual and rarely-visited regions. The landscapes provide some particularly beautiful trekking routes and some amazing activities on the coast of the Red Sea, making it a fantastic and quite special destination to consider.


GROUP TOUR from £2435 for 11 days


- Get up close and personal with whale sharks in the Bay of Ghoubbet on a snorkelling adventure
- Sleep overnight in a traditional Afar hut at Campement Touristique d’Asboley, perched on a hill with spectacular views
- Watch sunrise from the shores of Lake Abbe, which featured in the original ‘Planet Of The Apes’ movie thanks to its famous chimneys, salt flats and hot springs.



New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the most scenic countries on Earth - from the spectacular mountains and glaciers of the Southern Alps to the beautiful waterfront city of Auckland, the diversity of landscapes and activities in New Zealand is endless.


GROUP TOUR from £1715 for 0 days


- Get off the beaten track and explore the lesser visited East of the North Island
- Experience immersive Maori culture by spending a night in a Marae - a traditional house with Hangi dinner
- Feel like you are in another world by taking a journey on the 'Forgotten World' rail, a disused Heritage Railway line now travelled either in pedal power or electric custom built buggies.


GROUP TOUR from £1976 for 11 days


- Spend the night aboard a boat among the spectacular scenery of the Doubtful Sound. Cruise through fjords and take in the natural beauty of this remote wilderness area
- Share amazing moments with your fellow travellers. As you'll be in a small group, the trip retains a fun, personalised atmosphere throughout
- Spend several nights in Queenstown, New Zealand's adventure capital, where's you'll have tonnes of time to explore

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A jewel floating in the warm Mediterranean waters, Malta has an intoxicating mix of cultural influences and traditions, and has an idyllic year-round climate - the perfect destination for adventurous travellers looking for a slice of an island paradise!


GROUP TOUR from £889 for 0 days


- Enjoy our secluded 5-star hotel
- Discover magnificent coastal paths
- Visit colourful fishing villages


GROUP TOUR from £790 for 0 days


- Hop in a jeep to explore the hilltop villages and interior of the island of Gozo, watching locals go about their centuries-old daily routine
- Cycle along the dramatic coastline of Gozo, exploring trails that rarely see any other vehicle, let alone travellers
- Hit the high seas and discover hidden coves of tiny Comino, snorkelling in crystal-clear waters

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Georgia is a mountainous country with dramatic Caucasus mountain scenery, historic Christian monuments and an extremely warm and hospitable people. A strongly Orthodox Christian country it has some of the most historic Christian monuments on the planet - many dating back to the 5th Century CE! Seldom visited, it should be high on the wish list of any adventure traveller.


GROUP TOUR from £1495 for 10 days


- Azerbaijan's cosmopolitan capital of Baku is often referred to as the 'new Dubai'. Enjoy a guided walking tour around the city's World Heritage-listed Old Town
- The Caucasus Mountains will take your breath away, thanks to its mud volcanoes, ancient mosques, lush forests and tall peaks
- Enjoy lunch with a local family where you'll sample delicious homemade food, wine and Georgian grape water 'Chacha'


GROUP TOUR from £3215 for 0 days


- Azerbaijan's cosmopolitan capital of Baku is often referred to as the 'new Dubai'. Enjoy a guided walking tour around the city's World Heritage-listed Old Town.
- Mud volcanoes, ancient mosques, lush forests and tall peaks – the Caucasus Mountains will take your breath away
- Journey to the Svaneti region, the remote and alluring land of snow-capped mountains, medieval-style tower-houses and a fascinating local dialect.

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Known as the 'Star and Key of the Indian Ocean' due to its strategic position this island paradise with idyllic blue waters and soft sand beaches are perfect for that tropical getaway. The closest our group tours get to this island is its much bigger neighbour, Madagascar



There is so much to discover and explore in the vast & fascinating land of China. From the phenomenal karst rock formations and mountains of the south, to the vast deserts of the west, and the high Tibet plateau, China contains some of the most stunning scenery to be found in all of Asia. The entire country is teeming with beautifully-chaotic modern cities juxtaposed with thousands of years of fascinating history and heritage.


GROUP TOUR from £2075 for 12 days


- The Longmen Grottoes are the most stunning remnants of Northern Wei and Tang-era Buddhist art in existence, and you'll have plenty of time to explore them with your local guide
- By taking three sleeper trains, you'll maximise your time in your destinations, get a chance to interact with locals and see some beautiful countryside
- This trip is a fascinating story book of ancient and 20th-century history. The tale behind the discovery of Xi’an’s famous Terracotta Warriors is almost as amazing as the statues themselves


GROUP TOUR from £1645 for 20 days


- See the amazing contrasts between North & South China
- Visit the famous Terracotta Warriors
- Stay overnight in a unique Hakka village roundhouse

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South Africa

A land of contrasts; famous for its magnificent National Parks which are home to some of the finest wildlife on the continent. Cosmopolitan cities, beaches and adventure activities provide limitless options as your next travel destination.


GROUP TOUR from £954 for 14 days


- Encounter gentle giants on a game drive through Addo Elephant National Park
- Embark on a half-day guided walk in the mighty Drakensburg Range and some spectacular hikes along the Garden Route
- Delve into the astounding Cango Caves outside of Swellendam


GROUP TOUR from £1658 for 18 days


- Stay two nights at Victoria Falls – enough time for just a glimpse of everything this amazing destination offers.
- Get your paddles out and navigate a mokoro through the Okavango Delta.
- Try and spot the famous elephants of Chobe National Park swimming in the river – which boast the largest concentration of African elephants in the world.

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