Top Desert Experiences

Sahara - Morocco

camel in the sahara desert

Travel through the Moroccan Sahara in a camel conoy and enjoy feasts around the campfir accompanied by the enterntainment of your Berber guides.

South Morocco Discovery

Gobi - Mongolia

Wild camp in the Gobi Desert in one of the most remote countries on earth, Mongolia! The night skies here have to be seen to be believed!

man and horse in the Gobi Desert

Wild Mongolia


the ruins of Petra in Jordon

Fall asleep beneath the stars amongst the eerie scenery of Wadi Rum in Jordan. This is real Lawrence of Arabia country, packed full of dramatic landscapes.

A week in Jordan

Namib - Namibia

Sossusvlei, near Dead vlei in Namibia, Africa.

The Namib Desert is a land of vast vleis (dried river valleys) and soaring sand dunes which turn a mesmerising orange hue at sunset. Big sky country indeed.

Namibia Discovery

Kalahari - Botswana

San bushman in Kalahari Desert in Botswana

Learn about the San Bushmen and witness the heat mirages of the Kalahari Desert from the Kalahari Desert from the magically named Makgadikgadi Salt Pans, one of the largest in the world.

Cape Town to Vic Falls

Patagonian Steppe - Argentina

sunset over the Patagonian Steppe in Argentina

Needle-point peaks and icy glaciars are what usualy spring to mind when you think of Patagonia - however a huge portion of the Patagonia region is actually a huge flat desert known as the Patagonian Steppe. 

Patagonian Wilderness

Thar Desert - India

Man with camels in the Thar desert near Jaisalmer in India

Get a taste of Rajasthani nomadic life on an overnight camel safari from the magnificent city of Jaisalmer, emerging from the horizon of the Thar Desert.

Uyuni - Bolivia

Jeeps driving across the Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia

A desert with a difference! Have fun with the endless photgraphic opportunities that the dazzling Uyuni Salt Flats in Boliva have to offer.

Bolivia Highlights