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Trek Equipment

It is simply not worth skimping on dubious quality boots or waterproofs if you have made the effort to travel often halfway round the world, spending a certain amount of money, only to have your enjoyment ruined by the wrong equipment.

However good quality gear can add to the cost of a trip. Thus on certain walking and trekking holidays to PeruKilimanjaro and Nepal we save you some additional expense by providing various pieces of equipment – please see the trip notes for further information. On our cycle trips you can either choose to take your own bike or hire one locally (at an additional cost).

A sherpa carrying a rucksack on a wooden bridge


On many of our walking and trekking holidays to the above places we include a kitbag (there is a strict weight limit of 6kgs for the porters on the Inca Trail and 15kg on Kilimanjaro).  All communal camping equipment is provided. You usually also need to provide your own sleeping-bag and mat – please check the individual trip notes for more details.

A first aid kit is always carried by the trekking leader and on certain Nepal treks (usually those which go above 4000m) a PAC (a portable altitude chamber) is also carried.

A detailed list of suggested equipment will be found in the pre-departure information for every walking and trekking tour.

Kilimanjaro Kit List

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