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Imaginative Traveller's cycling holidays allow you to access hidden corners of a destination, discover remote villages and meet the locals – often by cycling alongside them. Discover the wilds of Namibia, rural villages in Rajasthan, hidden culture in Vietnam, the stunning scenery of Chile and Argentina, the dramatic Sardinian coast, or indulge yourself on our vineyard cycling tours through SouKick back after a day in the saddle by sampling the best of the local gastronomy –with a glass of local wine or beer, obviously! Our cycle tours operate at a laid-back pace with our expert and passionate local guides. 

Responsible Travel

The world’s an amazing place and we want to do our bit to keep it that way. That’s why we choose to travel responsibly, giving back to the communities we visit and helping to create a sustainable world for our children.

Our Cycling trips


GROUP TOUR from £1835 for 15 days


- Cycling through Caribbean Cuba gives you unique access to parts of the island that are off the beaten track
- See animals in their natural habitat, including the Cuban crocodile, an abundance of marine life and the world’s smallest bird, the bee hummingbird
- Cycle through the lush valley of Soroa. Known as Cuba's Rainbow, the valley is rich in plant and wildlife


GROUP TOUR from £3199 for 15 days


- Three varied destinations and a unique mix of Spanish and Mayan cultures 
- Lakes and Volcanoes 
- Enjoy a guided tour of the UNESCO Copan Ruins
- Cycle La Ruta de las Flores - named for its spectacular flowers 
- Visit both the Caribbean and Pacific Coasts
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