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Our Discovery trips are designed to showcase the very best a region has to offer. Immerse yourself in the culture, spend time with local people and discover the real essence of a place.

You could find yourself learning the art of tajine-making at a homestay in Morocco, wandering the temples of Angkor Wat, taking a canoe safari in Botswana, lazing on secluded beaches in Cuba or marvelling at the ruins of Machu Picchu.

Our Discovery trips

Trip Code: DRAC
From: £1630
6 Days
Trip Code: DRTI
From: £970
6 Days
Trip Code: IAMRB
From: £1250
15 Days
Trip Code: IAMSB
From: £1476
15 Days
Trip Code: IBMSH
From: £2876
15 Days
Trip Code: IBMSW
From: £950
6 Days
Trip Code: ICBKS
From: £1925
13 Days
Trip Code: ICBSAC
From: £4410
32 Days
Trip Code: ICBSE
From: £2325
21 Days
Trip Code: ICBSF
From: £2015
15 Days
Trip Code: ICBSU
From: £2448
16 Days
Trip Code: ICJKJ
From: £3092
12 Days

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