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Discovery and Adventure

Imaginative Traveller's Discovery trips are designed to showcase the very best a region has to offer; immerse yourself in the culture, spend time with local people and discover the real essence of a place. You could find yourself learning the art of tajine-making at a homestay in Morocco, wandering the temples of Angkor Wat, taking a canoe safari in Botswana, lazing on secluded beaches in Cuba or marvelling at the ruins of Machu Picchu. See the real country and experience life with expert local guides.

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Our Discovery trips


GROUP TOUR from £1.0E+19 for 0 days


- Discover the flavours of the Highlands with a whisky tasting at one the oldest distilleries in Scotland.
- Explore Loch Leven by bike and take in striking panoramas of the water and surrounding munros.
- Walk through the history of the highlands in Fort William and Inverlochy, equipped with the insider knowledge of your local host.


GROUP TOUR from £3099 for 0 days


- Camp near the pyramids belonging to the Royal Necropolis of Meroe
- Visit the the Archaeological Museum in Khartoum
- Explore the town of Dongola on the banks of the Nile
- Visit the beautiful ancient Egyptian Temple of Soleb


GROUP TOUR from £1.0E+19 for 0 days


- Short and sweet, this eight-day trip hits the 'must-sees' of Jamaica while allowing you to explore and sample Jamaica's 'real' side
- A visit to the Bob Marley museum in culturally vital Kingston is essential to appreciating the musical background of this island nation
- Practically untouched until the 1960s, the spectacular beaches and laid-back vibe of Negril have yet to be devoured by development


GROUP TOUR from £345 for 3 days


- Walk the winding trails between picturesque villages and then hole up at a local pub to try a fittingly named brew from Intrepid Brewing Co.
- Treat yourself one of the town’s famous tarts or puddings in Bakewell and explore the arched bridges, narrow shopping streets and stone cottages.
- Chat with the locals in the village community shop as you take a break from walks through beautiful countryside of farms, woods, and tumbledown remains.


GROUP TOUR from £215 for 3 days


- Join a home cooked experience in Istanbul, discovering some simple local food with your hosts and spending some time in a tea house – just like the locals do.
- Most tours will leave you lost trying to explore the Hagia Sophia on your own – here you’ll take a guided tour through the hidden tales of this magnificent one-of-a-kind monument.
- Get lost in the labyrinth of the Grand Bazaar, passing by the myriad traders who sell their wares in this expansive space. How good are your haggling skills?


GROUP TOUR from £505 for 4 days


- Find peace with the relaxing sounds of crashing waves, the smell of salt spray, and a yoga session overlooking the ocean.
- Take bracing walks through the mining history of Cornwall and along dramatic, rugged clifftops, as you reconnect with nature.
- Taste the true flavour of Cornwall with a traditional pasty, after a hike round a headland that lives up to its official designation as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.


GROUP TOUR from £915 for 4 days


- Stay on a sustainably run, working farm and enjoy farm to table meals.
- See the iconic sites of Iceland’s famous Golden Circle, including Gulfoss Waterfall, Strokkur Geysir and Thingvellir National Park.
- Take a guided quad biking tour of the Icelandic countryside, driving through rolling hills and visiting a remote cave.


GROUP TOUR from £730 for 4 days


- Get a true taste of Veneto as you explore the terraced vineyards and rolling hills of the home of Prosecco, supporting local wineries and sampling on some of the world’s best bubbly.
- Take advantage of a whole day to explore the maze of alleyways, canals and lagoon islands of Venice.
- Make the most of your host's local knowledge with a backstreets walking tour of Venice, snacking on cicchetti and sipping on vino in a typical community osteria.


GROUP TOUR from £655 for 4 days


- Visit a Bedouin camp, which provides the local Ammarin tribe with a sustainable income from tourism and is vital for the preservation of Bedouin culture and the natural environment.
- Enjoy dinner with a local village family who used to live in Petra and were moved out of the site after Petra became UNESCO heritage listed.
- Hike along the unique Copper Mines trail in the Dana Biosphere reserve.


GROUP TOUR from £330 for 4 days


- Tap into the nomadic spirit of the Imazighen (Berbers) with a hike through the red earth hills and green-dotted valleys of a place that feels beyond the reach of the modern world.
- Break bread with a local Imazighen family in their village, and get an insight into daily life in the High Atlas region.
- Learn the secrets behind tea, tanorte and tagine with a cooking demonstration and, best of all, feast on the delicious dishes for lunch.


GROUP TOUR from £790 for 4 days


- Soak up the sights and sounds of seaside Matosinhos and tuck into a traditional lunch of grilled sardines caught and cooked straight from the Atlantic.
- Let the emotion of Portugal’s soul music wash over you during an intimate Fado performance in a small local theatre in Porto.
- Get a true taste for the region with a host-led sampling session of the city’s signature fortified wine after exploring Porto’s narrow lanes and charming buildings.


GROUP TOUR from £385 for 4 days


- Discover the out of this planet landscape of Cappadocia with its incredible fairy chimneys, troglodyte dwellings, cave churches of Goreme and Uchisar Rock Castle.
- Visit one of Cappadocia’s most famous wineries.
- Hike the beautiful Red Valley.
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