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Culture & Festivals

Fascinating Cultures & Festivals

Imaginative Traveller has an incredible knowledge and understanding of the geography and culture of a destination. Tours of the music, festivals, history and culture of a country can be particularly fascinating and really brought to life when guided by a specialist.

Experience Paro Festival, a colourful celebration of Bhutanese culture and faith through music and dance; the Harbin Ice Festival in China, one of the world’s largest ice festivals featuring huge, beautifully-lit ice sculptures; and Mongolia's Naadam Festival, a circus-like event dating back centuries and featuring wrestling, archery and horse-racing or, of course, the annual Carnival in Rio de Janeiro - the greatest party on Earth.

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Our Culture & Festivals trips


GROUP TOUR from £1085 for 15 days


- Explore the marvels, mythology and mystery of Ancient Egypt, including the Pyramids at Giza and the tombs of iconic pharaohs in the Valley of the Kings
- Cairo is a place like no other; a rambling metropolis of sand-beaten colours, and you'll have plenty of time to lose yourself in the colours and aromas of this fascinating city
- Bask in the unique atmosphere of Aswan and experience not only the warmth and charm of Nubian hospitality, but also some delicious traditional cuisine on a homestay


GROUP TOUR from £3300 for 15 days


- Travel into stunning, sparsely-populated Far East Russian Siberia via two incredible feats of railway engineering – the Permafrost Express and the historic Baikal-Amur Railway – in the short window of summer.
- Explore Yakutsk, the largest city built on continuous permafrost, and wonder at the unique architecture and cultural practises born of the harsh environment.
- Celebrate the arrival of summer during the Ysyakh Festival, where the locals perform traditional Yakut sports, dance into the night and feast on local delicacies like roasted horse meat.


GROUP TOUR from £2305 for 15 days


- Go behind the scenes of Mongolia's Naadam Festival and visit the athlete's training camps as they prepare to compete in the 2017 Naadam Festival.
- Live the nomad life with a family stay at a horse breeder's camp.
- Experience the phenomenal landscapes of central Mongolia.


GROUP TOUR from £2299 for 16 days


- Attend 'The Festival of the sun' (Inti Raymi), when Cuzco is awash with dancing and processions
- Iconic Machu Picchu by train with guided tour
- Homestay on traditional Amantani Island, Lake Titicaca
- Colca Canyon and its soaring condors
- Beautiful colonial city of Arequipa and the Santa Catalina Convent
- Drive deep into the Andean highlands and the Apurimac Valley


GROUP TOUR from £2249 for 16 days


- In-depth wildlife tour
- Fifteen game drives with jeeps exclusive to Exodus guests
- Visit the magnificent Taj Mahal


GROUP TOUR from £3649 for 18 days


- Attend the Eagle Festival in the remote Altai Mountains
- Explore Mongolia's vast wilderness stepp and Gobi Desert
- Experience traditional nomadic culture


GROUP TOUR from £6290 for 41 days


- Follow the route of the ancient Silk Road, travelling in the footsteps of countless generations of nomads and traders
- Discover the unreal, rainbow-coloured landscape of Zhangye, a UNESCO site that looks like countless pots of bright paint have been spilled across sandstone mountains. You won't be able to put your camera away!
- Uncover the ‘other terracotta warriors’ in Xi’an’s Hanyangling Mausoleum, an authentic and more personal burial site that’s home to tens of thousands of buried pottery figures
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