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China Experience

From £2615 for 19 days
Trip Overview
Experience the breadth of cultures, flavours and landscapes that make up the vast Middle Kingdom on one our most popular tours through China. Marvel at iconic attractions like the Great Wall and the Terracotta Warriors, then find a quieter side of the country with a cruise along the Yangzi River and a stay in a Buddhist monastery tucked into the mountains of Emei Shan. Discover a land of epic history, vibrant cultures and dramatic vistas on this 19-day China Experience.  
Essential Info
Starts: Beijing
Ends: Hong Kong
Ages: Min 15
Theme: Discovery
Trip Code: ICBSE
Activity Level:     
Countries visited: China
What's Included


3 Breakfasts included
3 Lunches included
2 Dinners included


Overnight Soft Sleeper Train,Private Bus,Public Bus,High-Speed Train,Overnight Riverboat,Subway,Taxi,Bicycle


Hotel (11 nights),Guesthouse/Monastery (3 nights),Overnight Riverboat (3 nights),Overnight Soft Sleeper Train (1 night)

Trip Highlights

•   Like everything it does, China’s ancient history is on an epic scale – see it when face-to-face with thousands of Terracotta Warriors and when walking on top of the Great Wall

•   Find peace in one of the holiest places in China as you trek around Emei Shan and stay in a monastery, waking to the sound of drums and morning prayers

•   Learn about the endangered (and adorable) giant pandas’ struggle for survival, and get up close to these unique creatures in Chengdu

•   Step back in time with a traditional tourist boat trip through the iconic scenery of the Yangzi River, which meanders through the dramatic Three Gorges

Dates & Availability
Start date
End date
Departing: 12th Oct 2020
Returning: 30th Oct 2020
Availability: Good
Departing: 19th Oct 2020
Returning: 6th Nov 2020
Availability: Good
Departing: 26th Oct 2020
Returning: 13th Nov 2020
Availability: Good
Departing: 2nd Nov 2020
Returning: 20th Nov 2020
Availability: Good
Departing: 22nd Mar 2021
Returning: 9th Apr 2021
Availability: Good
Departing: 19th Apr 2021
Returning: 7th May 2021
Availability: Good
Departing: 10th May 2021
Returning: 28th May 2021
Availability: Good
Departing: 12th Jul 2021
Returning: 30th Jul 2021
Availability: Good
Departing: 16th Aug 2021
Returning: 3rd Sep 2021
Availability: Good
Itinerary & Notes
Ni Hao! Welcome to Beijing, capital of the most populous country on earth. With plenty of places that give an insight into the China's ancient history, as well as newer sights that showcase contemporary culture. Your adventure begins with a welcome meeting at 6 pm where you'll meet your tour leader and fellow travellers. Please look for a note in the hotel lobby or ask reception where it will take place. We will collect/check your passport, insurance and next of kin information at the group meeting, please have these on hand. After the meeting maybe head out to explore the Beijing streets – with your hotel located centrally, a walk in any direction will unveil all sorts of wonderful surprises. Perhaps kick off your China adventure with a tate of an iconic dish – Peking duck.
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