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Cycle Morocco's Great South

From £1299 for 9 days
Trip Overview
Encompassing the best of Morocco, this trip will take us past the foothills of Mt Toubkal, golden Kasbahs, impressive gorges and the long sandy beach of Essaouira. This spectacular route follows smooth tarmac roads and climbs over high mountain passes that reward you with spectacular vistas of the High Atlas Mountains. A real highlight is riding through Paradise Valley, close to Imouzzer, where a palm-filled valley leads to a high pass with views down to the ocean below. After all the riding we will receive a warm welcome from a range of great hotels including a traditional riad.
Essential Info
Starts: Start Marrakech.
Ends: End Marrakech.
Ages: Min
Theme: Cycling
Trip Code: EMMI
Activity Level:     
Countries visited: Morocco
What's Included


All breakfasts, 6 lunches, 6 dinners


6 nights hotels, 2 nights in traditional Moroccan riads 6 days cycling with full vehicle support


Trip Highlights

•    Ride from the Atlas Mountains to the coast

•    Conquer challenging climbs and exciting descents

•    Explore Marrakech and Essaouira

Itinerary & Notes
We recommend walking or taking a taxi into the old city. Here there is plenty to explore like the old walled medina and its winding alleyways which are filled with souks selling everything from street food to pottery and jewellery. *Mogador Opera Hotel or similar – Marrakech*
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good trip
An excellent tour, well supported and well managed, but spoiled by Exodus's failure to warn us adequately about the very cold cycling conditions high in the mountains.
This was my first cycling trip and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Morocco is a super winter holiday destination and I will definitely be booking more trips in the saddle! Beautiful rugged landscapes.
Just returned from really great cycling trip. Lovely route - we chose this trip over ones with other companies because of the route, mix of the mountains and time on coast in Essaouria. This was our first trip with Exodus and my husband Graham and I were very impressed. Fantastic tour leader in Liz, she managed every aspect of the tour superbly - logistics with the support vehicles - during rides never more than 10k away from drinks etc and sweeper support at rear in case of incidents. On the route there are lots of long ascents and Liz described what to expect extremely well in terms of the uphills and downhills, no-one got into the van on any of the rides and I believe this was due in large part to Everyone having confidence in Liz’s descriptions and timing of stops etc. Coming over the high pass on day 3 we encountered very heavy mist, Liz managed the descent extremely well with everyone feeling safe and comfortable with the ride down. Fantastic fun group of people to ride with, everyone gelled and mixed in together really quickly and whilst there was of course a range of fitness and technical cycling ability, it was relatively modest and at stops it was on average 15mins between first and last of the group arriving. Due to nature of the trip, lunches are roadside picnics every day, these were simple but fresh and filling. Accommodation is also simple but clean, in the first couple of places in the mountains there was some issues with lack of hot water, but to be honest whilst this isn’t ideal I think you need to accept that this type of issue can happen when travelling in a large group in the mountains in Morocco. We were fortunate that weather was kind to us every day, if we’d arrived cold and wet lack of hot water would have been more of an issue. Support team with Liz were v friendly and helpful as well. Really recommend trip
I have hesitated about writing a review this time as I was one of the slower riders but as someone who reads them I think it can help sometimes. So here goes. This was a very tough cycling trip for me. Having said that.....I'm glad I did it. It was certainly a case of either cycling up a mountain or down one. Only a few miles was flat. The climbs went up and up and up and up and up. Hours at a time. In most cases the gradient wasn't too bad most of the time but it was a long slog to get to the top......with many false summits on the way which really take some doing to overcome and carry on. The descents of the other side were fantastic. I loved them. Down and down and down and down forever. Great speed. Great thrill. I am relatively fit and active for my age and do many sports but this cycling was hard. I am not a club cyclist. Obviously those who do ride more seriously climbed the hills better and got to the top a good 20/30 minutes before me.........but I did manage to cycle the whole trip and am very proud of my achievement. The mini bus was always available for those who did not always want to cycle. We were well looked after and I never felt at risk at all. I wasn't too keen on my bike !! Not as good as my last Exodus Cycling Holiday. Trouble was none of them had any front suspension and we did go over some very rough terrain and some very long descents. Very surprising not to have this feature in this day and age. Personally I felt it appropriate to dress modestly but not necessary to the extreme. Shorts seemed fine with many of the ladies wearing their lycra shorts. T.shirts with sleeves (long or short) were the most common tops. In the evening I found a long dress very comfy but a very casual one, nothing fancy. Or leggings or loose trousers. I wore a jacket one morning when we started off with a long downhill otherwise I was never cold. The hotels varied quite a bit from concrete beds in one mountain auberge to a suite with huge comfy beds and loads of hot water in others.............with everything in between including some very nice traditional old rhiads. I loved it all being different and enjoyed all the experiences. Some of the hotels had swimming pools and we did manage some swims but often the long cycling days meant we didn't always have much time in the in my case I was very tired (ha ha). Alcohol was not always available. We were delighted on the few occasions it was and the guides did their best to find us some at other times. It's just nice at the end of a long hard day !! Food was good. There wasn't anything I didn't like. However, I have "suggested" to Exodus that at least eggs are needed for breakfast with such huge rides to cope with. We did have eggs every morning except for two when it was just bread and jams. Very nice but just not substantial enough. Being on the move means that washing clothes through is pretty much impossible although some people did manage. Getting them dry is the difficulty. Take toiletries as they are not always provided. Make sure you fill your water bottle again at the end of the day so you have drinking water for the night and for cleaning teeth etc. Most hotels do not provide water in your rooms and it cannot always be bought. Nobody got ill that I know of but it's only sensible to be careful. No ice, ice cream, salad washed in suspect water etc. Usual stuff. The mountains catch the sunlight beautifully. They ouse power. The landscape is rock and sand but it still has great appeal. We had a super group of people from various countries. It worked well. I recommend the trip if you want a challenge because it is certainly that. If you are prepared you will be fine. Enjoy !!
Overall, a great week of cycling. There were two big unknowns for me going into this adventure: 1) How difficult would the cycling be, and 2) How safe would I feel cycling through rural Morocco. The cycling was breathtakingly beautiful but not hard if you consider yourself a cyclist. Most of the people in our group weren't avid cyclists just relatively fit people looking for some adventure. If you do consider yourself a cyclist and rack up 100-200km or more per week, then look for something higher than "4" on the Exodus challenge meeter. That said, the rides were amazing with some good climbs and even better 'white knuckle' descents. The part about safety in Morocco? Don't sweat it. I never felt any concern for safety and the whole trip was supported by an experienced Exodus leader and two local chaps riding vans in front and in the back. All good on that front.
This was a fantastic, really very well organised trip. The roads in Morocco are amazing and in really good condition, not at all what I expected. Perfect for cycling.
An excellent trip, demanding climbs followed by exhilerating descents coupled with stunning scenery all around.
Beautiful and varied trip with stunning landscapes, villages, mountains, sea and cities.
We started out with a great leader in the person of Reese who though only 25 we soon learned had literally biked around the world once. Service was great, two terrific van drivers, great snacks laid out at breaks and lunch everyone with a folding stool before a table spread with good food. Throughly enjoyed the group as the only American in a group of 14 from the UK, Denmark and Canada. Though we were delayed and rerouted on day one by flash floods and landslides our leader Reese adapted and soon had us back on course. Fantastic scenery, rural villages, friendly people even when we didn't speak the same language. I've tried several bike tour companies over the past few years but find Exodus beats them all.
Leaving the frozen cars at Stansted on Nov 5th it was a delight to arrive in Marrakech where the sun shone and the temperature was a delicious 28 degrees!!!! Apart from one day in Marrakech (which is probably enough!) this really was a full on cycling trip. We were either going up (for many miles) or down (often cold). The snack stops and picnic lunches were warmly welcomed and usually somewhere lovely. Every day the landscape was different - I expected lots of scrubby desert so was pleasantly surprised. Essaouira was particularly lovely - walk through the streets after dinner and enjoy the local hustle and bustle.
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