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Cycle Myanmar (Burma)

From £2449 for 14 days
Trip Overview
In the words of Kipling, 'this is Burma and it is unlike any land you know'. This may be even truer today when we arrive on two wheels in Bagan, one of Asia’s holiest cities, giving you the chance to explore this cultural nerve centre of a country only recently emerging from international isolation. Our route takes us to the tranquil Inle Lake with its famous local markets, the striking countryside of the Shan Highlands and the central plains around Mandalay. The key sites are joined up by some fantastic rural cycling in the more remote areas where tourists are still very much a novelty and villagers will be keen to greet you on your cycling adventure.
Essential Info
Starts: Start Yangon.
Ends: End Yangon.
Ages: Min 16
Theme: Cycling
Trip Code: EMOB
Activity Level:     
Countries visited: Myanmar
What's Included


All breakfasts and 1 dinner included


11 days cycling (including one optional ride) with full vehicle support 95% tarmac, 5% unsurfaced sections


Trip Highlights

•    The mystical temples of Bagan

•    Yangon's colonial charm and glittering Shwedagon Pagoda

•    U‐Bein Bridge at sunrise

•    Inle Lake's leg-rowing fishermen

•    Kalaw Hill Station trek

•    Internal flights avoiding notoriously bumpy roads and long drives

Dates & Availability
Start date
End date
Departing: 21st Nov 2021
Returning: 4th Dec 2021
Availability: Good
Departing: 5th Dec 2021
Returning: 18th Dec 2021
Availability: Good
Departing: 20th Feb 2022
Returning: 5th Mar 2022
Availability: Good
Departing: 20th Nov 2022
Returning: 3rd Dec 2022
Availability: Good
Departing: 4th Dec 2022
Returning: 17th Dec 2022
Availability: Good
Itinerary & Notes
Start Yangon. The huge Bogyoke market is worth a visit with food, clothing and handicrafts all on sale (closed on Mondays and public holidays), or visit the historic Strand Hotel which was often visited by the likes of Rudyard Kipling and Somerset Maugham. There will be a welcome briefing this evening with an optional group dinner at a local restaurant. *Grand United Hotel or similar*
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- Get acquainted with Myanmar on a tour of downtown Yangon. Truly an incredible city, Yangon is packed with pagodas, giant Buddhas and countless historical sites
- See the most beautiful religious sites in Myanmar, including the Shwedagon in Yangon, Shwesandaw in Bagan, the Shwe Yan Pyae (Teak Monastery) in Nyaungshwe and many more
- Touring the ancient city of Bagan by bicycle is a magical way to see the place. You'll have convenient and leisurely access to thousands of temples, stupas and pagodas


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We were very happy with the pacing and organization of the trip and the selection of activities.
A good trip which Would rate excellent if Exodus would only change the routes/ roads cycled. They use too many boring, straight or main roads probably not dreamed up by a cyclist. A few v steep hills but there’s the bus always in tow. Now is the time to visit before too many tourists spoil it and its lovely people and rich history. Forget what you may have read in the press about the troubles with minority groups. The people themselves especially our guide and support crew were superb and deserve our support. The food is wonderful, their agrarian life is fascinating to watch, there’s a good mix of cultural/ historic things to see and some of the scenery is spectacular. I particularly liked the bus transfer over the mountains . A few too many temples for me - but I knew that when I booked. We often cycled on our own, meeting up after say 15kmn and I really liked that, giving time to stop as we chose to take pics.
A great adventure, amazing country, incredibly friendly people, bonkers numbers of Buddha statues.
The full two week schedule was well justified (and we added a five day extension to travel south of Yangon after). The group of 14 were very compatible, and ranged in age from early 50s to early 70s. Noone had any big problems with the distances, although the variable tarmac surfaces left most wishing for more saddle padding than they had brought. . . The one day of mostly dirt roads and tracks was judged the most fun - the mountain bikes were designed for this, and there was, of course, no traffic. More such by-ways if possible please! Myanmar threw us surprises every day. No amount of reading prepares you for a temple with over 500,000 buddhas, or a village built over water, where everything is done by boat (there are no footpaths), or a stupa with more than 3 tons of pure gold covering it. Local food is fresh and delicious, local beer seems largely a monopoly of a brand called 'Myanmar' (presumed to be owned by the military), and the hotels much grander and newer than I had expected. Apart from the start and Yangon, all had pools, great for a wind down swim after a day in the saddle. Heat was... hot - but bearable as cycling creates its own breeze and most of the riding was done before lunch.
A wonderful tour with a well-organised itinerary that provided a good insight into Burmese daily life. Friendly, welcoming people, stunning scenery, and thousands of Pagodas. I would highly recommend this trip.
If you enjoy cycling and want to see an Asian country not yet jaded by tourism this is the trip for you!! I have never done a cycling trip and wasn't sure what to expect. This trip was very well organized, with a fantastic support team. When I punctured a hole in my tire, my first thought is that I would never catch up to the rest of the group...however Joe, our bike mechanic had the wheel off and replaced with another in less than 10 minutes!!! The scenery, the Burmese people, and this itinerary make it an exceptional experience.
We found this trip lived up to our expectations. This is a country that is just opening up to tourists and the people although having lived through hard times are friendly, courteous and wanting to interact with tourists. The activities and sites which we experienced were educational as well as fun. The biking was moderate as rated and the bus was always available if you did not want to cycle at any time.
Wonderful trip which I would recommend to anyone. My only word of caution is that you are riding a mountain bike which causes you to be bent forward when riding. If you have a shoulder/neck problem, this type of bike can cause you pain in your shoulders/neck. It can be remedied by having an extender installed in the headset of the mountain bike which will allow you to sit more upright and take the stress off your shoulders. Exodus does not provide these and you should bring one with you which their bike mechanic will install. They cost about $20 Canadian and will make the bike riding on the bumpy roads much more enjoyable.
Moderate difficulty. Good for us 70 year olds. Excellent accomodations throughout and food locations suggested by "Alex",our lead guide. Wonderful and attentive crew. Would accommodate all our extra needs (handling shopping items). Great route selection through rural Myanmar. Could really appreciate the local culture.
This trip provides a comprehensive insight into a country in transition- at this stage it has a long way to go to reach the economic and social standards of most of its neighbours in south east Asia. The people are friendly,welcoming and charming and much of the scenery is stunning.
A well organised trip. Plenty of breaks between cycling and enough sight seeing too. We liked that they provided electrolytes on the breaks and the selection of snacks and drinks was great too.
Would recommend this trip to anyone who likes an adventurous cycling holiday. Be aware that you are up at 6 am every day to get the cycling done before the real heat sets in or to try fit in temple visits etc. Dinner is usually at 7pm and most people had collapsed into bed by 10pm.
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