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Cycle Namibia

From £1999 for 12 days
Trip Overview
Namibia is a vast country with wide open spaces and endless skies. Sand dunes gradually turn into granite hills, whilst rocky outcrops give way to vast plains where elephants, giraffes and lions roam. Travelling through the wilderness by bike is undoubtedly one of the best ways to experience the varied landscape of this desert nation and there is also the unique experience of cycling over sand dunes on a modified ‘fat’ bike. Discover the country’s highlights and hidden secrets on two wheels, watch the sun rise over the tallest sand dunes in the world and experience game drives in one of southern Africa’s best game reserves, Etosha National Park.
Essential Info
Starts: Start Windhoek.
Ends: Windhoek
Ages: Min 16
Theme: Cycling, Wildlife
Trip Code: EMZN
Activity Level:     
Countries visited: Namibia
What's Included


All breakfasts, 2 lunches, 5 dinners are included in the trip price


8 days cycling (including a morning fat biking) with full vehicle support 90% off road/gravel roads, 10% tarmac roads


Trip Highlights

•    Cycling through magnificent and diverse landscapes

•    Safari drives in Etosha National Park

•    Exploring sand dunes on a modified ‘fat’ bike

•    Waterberg National Park’s red sandstone table mountain

•    See the highest sand dunes in the world

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Departing: 4th Oct 2020
Returning: 15th Oct 2020
Availability: Good
Departing: 1st Nov 2020
Returning: 12th Nov 2020
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Departing: 15th Nov 2020
Returning: 26th Nov 2020
Availability: Good
Departing: 20th Dec 2020
Returning: 31st Dec 2020
Availability: Good
Departing: 7th Mar 2021
Returning: 18th Mar 2021
Availability: Good
Departing: 25th Apr 2021
Returning: 6th May 2021
Availability: Good
Departing: 19th Sep 2021
Returning: 30th Sep 2021
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Departing: 3rd Oct 2021
Returning: 14th Oct 2021
Availability: Good
Departing: 17th Oct 2021
Returning: 28th Oct 2021
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Itinerary & Notes
Depending on your arrival time at the hotel; there is time today to go into Windhoek and explore the city at your own pace, or you can relax at the lodge. *Arrebusch Lodge or similar*
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This is an amazing way of discovering Namibia whilst getting some good cycling in under blue skies. The scenery changed constantly, wildlife was abundant and the geological features were astounding. This was not a serious cycling trip and the emphasis Was more on the wildlife and landscape. I would have given this trip 5/5 but was disappointed that one of the cycling days was completey cancelled and no longer takes place as the road is too busy and the FatBiking was about 5 miles for 2 hours not 22 miles for 3.5 hours as advertised. Since my main reason for going was the cycling this did marr the holiday a little however it was still fabulous and I would urge you to go, just don’t expect as much cycling as advertised. I am vegetarian and was well catered for.
A fantastic varied exciting adventure exploring Namibia, it's breathtaking natural beauty and it's wildlife, both large and small. A cyclists/naturalist/geologists/ photographers paradise
Great scenery and opportunity to see wildlife. Some hard hot slogs on slippery and dusty gravel roads.
A great two week trip in Namibia. Provided a great overview of the country and able to experience the vastness and emptiness of Namibia. A stunning country with lots of wildlife. The camping was fun with great meals and a refreshing pool and bar at every campsite (except one). The cycling isn't hard, just hot and on rough gravel roads. Lots of stunning photo opportunities.
We were a small but 'elite' group - 'holy moly' - we were the beautiful family who enjoyed every aspect of this trip The challenge of the cycling conditions, in excessive heat, but in the most inspirational landscape, did not defeat us
I loved this trip, and seeing, climbing and then flying over the amazing dunes lived up to my expectations. Big bucket list tick for that. And the wildlife round and about, but especially in Etosha (particularly at the camp waterhole) was brilliant. Watching rhino's preliminary mating dance, elephants bathing and a stand off with a pride of lions, from a safe distance while supping red wine, was one of life's great experiences.
Namibia would not be my number ever travel destination as much of the country is ordinary and the distances between the highlights are too long. That said don't dismiss it. The two things that most fascinated me was the seeming harmony between all the races and tribes, compared with just over the border in South Africa and the maintenance of a significant German influence in both architecture (old and new) and language. And for the latter it is over a 100 years since it was a German colony.
This trip is about the scenery of Namibia. The sense of enjoyment of riding undulating gravel roads, earning the downhill coasting, the vast open spaces, getting to the end of each day to find a bar next to a pool, was all amazing. It's not a luxury trip but drinking gin & tonic from a metal cup watching the sun go down after a day's cycling, was priceless.
This is a well organised and diverse trip. Good cycling, great and varied topography and wonderful wildlife. This is just such a good way to see a good cross section of Namibia. The campsites were terrific set in some wonderful locations and to get swimming pools in some of them is a real bonus.
Unforgettable blend of landscapes, cycling, camping, wildlife in a country which has masses to offer at great value
The cycling was hard on gravel and sand roads in 35 degree heat with a head wind. If you are not experienced in off road this trip will feel more like a grade 4 . Saying that some of the riding was amazing. Riding on the fat boy cycles over the dunes for nearly 4 hours was amazing and should be on peoples bucket list. The wild life matched expectation , Elephants, lions, white and black Rhino,cheaters. Camp sites were clean but basic, they were lovely sitting in the dessert watching the stars.
The landscapes were fantastic. Real variety of scenery from rolling hills, to endless gravel sections, lots of gorgeous sand and small towns. Namibia has some fabulous food, extremely affordable. The bikes we hired were of fantastic quality too.
Amazing country, fabulous campsites, dramatic scenery and great wildlife.
So much about Namibia impressed me: the varied landscapes, the friendliness of the people, the great food, the miles and miles of desert, the cleanliness, and of course the big game. The trip is not difficult cycling and is very easy going, which means you have plenty of time to admire the scenery.
One of the most memorable trips I've done - challenging, inspiring and fun! If you love remote places, fascinating scenery and wildlife, and don't mind early mornings and some tough cycling, then you will love this trip. 
I thought after the first day of cycling I was going to hate this trip, but it got much much better. Being on the ground cycling through the dunes or with a random zebra crashing through a fence and bounding across the road in front of you is an amazing experience. Well worth the sometimes challengin cycling.
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