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Discover Namibia - Camping

From £1699 for 13 days
Trip Overview
The scenic beauty of Namibia is only matched by its diversity. Deep canyons, towering sand dunes, otherworldly rock formations and vast salt pans merge seamlessly in an endlessly shifting landscape. The sky seems particularly big here with spectacular sunsets and, at night, the sight of billions of stars twinkling overhead. This is the backdrop for healthy wildlife populations which congregate around Etosha’s watering holes and a melting pot of different communities from traditional tribes to the descendants of German colonialists.
Essential Info
Starts: Start Windhoek.
Ends: End Windhoek.
Ages: Min 16
Theme: Discovery, Wildlife
Trip Code: EAZN
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Countries visited: Namibia
What's Included


All breakfasts, 4 lunches and 5 dinners included


8 nights full-service camping and 4 nights guesthouses Travel in a purpose-built overland truck


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Departing: 21st Sep 2020
Returning: 3rd Oct 2020
Availability: Good
Departing: 5th Oct 2020
Returning: 17th Oct 2020
Availability: Good
Departing: 16th Nov 2020
Returning: 28th Nov 2020
Availability: Good
Departing: 14th Dec 2020
Returning: 26th Dec 2020
Availability: Good
Departing: 15th Mar 2021
Returning: 27th Mar 2021
Availability: Good
Departing: 3rd May 2021
Returning: 15th May 2021
Availability: Good
Departing: 17th May 2021
Returning: 29th May 2021
Availability: Good
Departing: 7th Jun 2021
Returning: 19th Jun 2021
Availability: Good
Departing: 5th Jul 2021
Returning: 17th Jul 2021
Availability: Good
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Itinerary & Notes
The tour starts at the Arebbusch Lodge in Windhoek. Those on group flights will be picked up at the airport and we will drive into town for an hour or so. In town everyone will have a chance to change money and pick up any supplies they may need; this is also an opportunity for our guides to buy fresh food. We will then drive to our lodge. The afternoon can be spent exploring or relaxing. *Arebbusch Lodge or similar*
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- Watch the sunrise over the Namib Desert from the top of Sossusvlei\'s Dune 45
- Guided walk through the Namib Desert
- Optional wild adventures of Swakopmund, quad biking, sandboarding, horseriding, scenic flights
- Wild camp and hike in the stunning wild mountains of Spitzkoppe
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There are quite a lot of long drives on bumpy dusty roads but this is unavoidable with a trip that takes in so much of the country. The itinerary keeps you busy with a good mixture of culture and wildlife. Camp sites all had excellent facilities and toilets were first class. Tents were comfortable
Amazing desert sand dunes and night sky, astonishing ancient rock paintings, beautiful diverse wildlife
What a fantastic trip. Our wonderful guide Ronney and his assistant Jonas who both knew all the best spots to spot wildlife (leopard inside a roadside sign) (Pride of 10 lions at a kill) but could also produce 5 star lunches at the roadside under the shade of a tree, effortlessly change rooms to suit my disabled husband, drive with the utmost skill on bumpy roads and have none of us complain and generally do their job at 110% Highly recommend a trip to this most interesting country.
If you like huge landscapes and wildlife this is a must do trip. Namibia is unlike any country i have been to before and certainly felt different to other areas of Africa (im no expert!). The scale and space has to be seen to be believed and adds to the beauty - sunsets are amazing. We went towards the end of the dry season and this meant that animals were gathering at the waterhole. We were lucky enough to see herds of elephants and several rhino ... not to forget giraffes, oryx, gazelle, hyenas and many many more. We were on the camping trip and Ronney and Jonas done an amazing job to set up camp and take it down ... we tried to help but they are so good at it I think we slowed them up. They were fantastic guides, great ambassadors for the country and Jonas cooked food on a fire that i couldnt in a fully equipped kitchen. This is our fourth trip with Exodus and I will certainly be back for more.
A very busy schedule, with lots of early starts, lots of dust and sand and quite a bit of travel over rough roads. But, it was all worth it. I would do it again. You see a wide variety of landscape and wildlife that could not be encountered any other way in two weeks.
This was a wonderful holiday in a beautiful country. Having been to South Africa and Kenya before, we had some idea what to expect from a holiday in Southern Africa, but if anything Namibia exceeded our expectations. The country is, of course, very dry and the land is beautiful in a stark, rather than a pretty, way. The holiday in general was well planned, with the first part concentrating on the deserts in the south, a break in Swakopmund on the coast, and a final few days on safari in Etosha. This gave a variety of environments and activities.
The crew were fantastic. Group leader Ronney Kavari was a great leader, explaining the plans for each day and telling us what to expect with plenty of local tips. He was an exceptional spotter of wildlife and we saw large numbers of a huge variety of animals and birds. He was also very knowledgeable about the animals, birds and plants as well as the country. There was plenty of opportunities to see and photograph. Benson was the main driver and Jonas the main cook and the food was very good. All the crew were very friendly with a good sense of humour. The tents went up and came down very efficiently. The optional trips were also good-at least the ones we did: Visit to the Township was very interesting and enjoyable but quite thought provoking as well. We also went on the flight over the desert and although we enjoyed it, it was quite long and expensive and there was no commentary and the plane was very old-I don't think we would recommend this at the price. We would thoroughly recommend this trip, esp with the crew we had!
A truly stunning country - vast open spaces, wide skies, sunsets, stars, sand dunes, and a national park crammed with animals and birds. We stayed in some wonderful lodges with huge views, saw the desert from above and came back with many memories, and even more photos.
I cannot describe how amazing this trip was, Namibia is a stunning country, with wonderful scenery - 2nd most sparsely populated country in the world so there is lots of open space (and lots of driving) but the desert, the night sky, the ancient rock art and the animals at Etosha are so worth it
Certainly the way to see Namibia - early starts frequently and rough roads but all fades into significance when put into perspective. If your're considering it, but are uncertain, just book it and enjoy.
Some wonderful but stark scenery and plenty of wildlife. Expect some long drives on bumpy roads though.
Good company, good leaders, good food, good experiences.
The trip itself was excellent. Run by a local company (Malabiu) the guide (Shaun) worked extremely hard and his side kick cook (Jona) were both very profesional and knowledgeable. Geology information was a bit sparse, but customs and culture info was very good. The small group gelled together well. Be warned they is a lot of travelling with many miles on Namibia style roads - basically very dusty and stoney dirt tracks. Food and drink is cheap in Namibia and the lodges are comfortable if basic. The main down side was the company (Exodus) which did not respond effectively to queries asked. Also did not pass on important information to the group guide which meant that arrangement were compromised. For 10 of us in the party there were five different group flights - not their finest hour. Overall, I would certainly recommend this trip to others.
This holiday was a great adventure in a magnificent country that I fell in love with. We went during Namibia's Winter and as a result there was an abundance of wild animals throughout our trip. Lodges were more than adequate, WIFI was more widely available than I had predicted ( only needed to send gloating photos back home!), Most major places such as supermarkets, lodges and activities took either cash or credit/debit card and food although very meat centric was still complemented by lots of vegetables so didn’t come back too much heavier than we went!
this was about my 10th. adventure holiday with Exodus and just as rewarding as the past ones. You will cover a lot of miles, travelling on most of the time bumpy un-maid up and dusty roads. During that time you will see and visit many interesting things. Varying terrain, cultures and a wide variety of the countries wild life. You will hear about the history of the country, from its early inhabitants through its colonial period to its more modern period when independence was granted from South Africa. You will travel aboard a custom vehicle for 16 people and get to know you fellow travellers/adventures. Enjoy some fantastic road side meals. Every day brings something different.
I returned from this trip having experienced many moments which will last a lifetime, from seeing numerous animals in the wild or at watering holes to seeing the vastness of the Namib desert and the changing colour of the sand dunes. It really is a trip that is a photographers dream as you want to capture each and every moment. We were a group of 12 with ages ranging from early 20s to 70s and we all got on very well. Yes there were lots of long drives but these were broken up well. Accommodation was good and food often excellent. It certainly is a trip of a lifetime.
Great trip for wildlife and desert scenery. I was wowed by the beauty of the Namib desert colours and by the wide variety of animal life we saw both in the desert and Etosha further north.
Stunning country Trip was very sedentary. More hiking options would have been welcome
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